How the opposition can use the conflict between Minsk and Moscow?

The confrontation between the Belarusian and Russian authorities creates a new situation for the opposition. Does it opponents of the regime? Or strengthen the position of conflict Lukashenko? What can the opposition do?

Members: the chairman of the Belarusian Party of the Left "Fair World" Sergei Kalyakin and vice-chairman of the "For Freedom" Viktor Kornienko.

Does the opposition Belarusian-Russian conflict?

Valery Karbalevich: "Before, when the Belarusian-Russian integration, real or declarative developed, the situation for the opposition was simple and clear. Opposition advocated the strengthening of sovereignty, Lukashenko accused in the delivery of Russia's independence and called for integration into Europe. And now between Belarusian and Russian authorities there was stiff opposition. As the Belarusian-Russian conflict affects the balance of political forces within the opposition? Does it opponents of the regime, or, on the contrary, only confuses the situation? "

Sergei Kalyakin:
"Lukashenko was not real integrator. He used to play in strengthening the integration of personal power. He received from Russia 52 billion dollars over 16 years, guiding them to the current consumption. As warned our party, playing hurt integration of Belarus. This is today, and it became evident.

Sergei Kalyakin

Lukashenko — nedogovorosposoben policies. He does not fulfill his promises and agreements. Therefore Belarus under Lukashenko is not a reliable partner for other countries. "

Viktor Kornienko: "The conflict with Russia could help the opposition. Now clear that foreign policy Lukashenko made no headway. This blame him, and he must bear political responsibility. This is what the opposition has to prove to the public. Course, Russia is also partly to blame for this state of the Belarusian-Russian relations. "

Or strengthen the position of conflict Lukashenko?

Karbalevich: "Experience shows that after one of the Belarusian-Russian war (gas, oil or milk) rating Lukashenko is growing. After all, he positioned himself as a defender of national interests on the occurrence of an external enemy. What about this time? Now the information war from Moscow is not against Belarus, but against Lukashenko. whether the conflict reinforces the position of the Belarusian president? "

"Rating dictator — a separate issue. History knows cases when he was a great few days before the collapse of the dictatorial regime. Want to note that while these wars were not. Were shots of blank cartridges, the maneuvers to psychological pressure. But Lukashenko runs into real war, and it will be fatal for him and for Belarus. "

Korneenko: "There comes a moment of fatigue from the rhetoric of Lukashenko, who is constantly looking for enemies. Present situation — this is a chance for the opposition, which still have to be used."

Viktor Kornienko

What is the message of the society offers the opposition?

Karbalevich: "What position should take opponents of the regime? What message of the society they have to offer? After Belarusian state media claim that opposition to the conflict was on the side of the enemy."

Kaljakin: "Do not confuse the interests and the interests of Belarus Lukashenko. My position is that the good relations between Belarus and Russia in all spheres beneficial to our country. Today the Russian market for our economy does not change. But to hold it, you need a change of leadership."

"Anything that makes Lukashenko — is to consolidate his power. Cheap gas, as well as a free lunch, we know where to be. Necessary to explain to the people that build long-term relations with the EU."



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