How to protect yourself from the energy vampires

In order to know how you can protect yourself from energy vampires need to understand how and what happens to us when in contact with such a person. When communicating with each other people show feelings, give an estimate of this or that discussed the events, that is, express their emotions. The parties perceive each other's emotions can be said to equal.

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But there are people who are in the process of interaction can be said to do so that the source more rapidly to show their emotions, spending a lot of talk of internal forces that can be called energy. It is this emotional energy to cool your interlocutor accumulates. What is this energy?

Names that have a lot of energy, we will focus on one name that most closely understandable from a scientific point of view, it reflects the essence of this psycho-energetic potential. It is a collection of so-called psychic energy and biological currents of the body. We call it the human biofield, and on the eastern teachings aura. Modern special equipment gives the opportunity to see it. It has a kind of luminous cocoon that surrounds all sides, and evenly painted in different bright colors.

Color bio, located in the heart determines the psycho man, that is characterized by its ability, aptitude, character and way of thinking. It is this field in the region of the heart and is the energy that is consumed in the course of our operations. Recovery of this energy comes in contact with nature, or in places where the surrounding colors match the color of the human biofield.

During the experiments, it was found that there are people who restore bio is only through communication with others. These people are energy vampires, contact with them is a sincere effort, cumbersome and tiring physically. The person feels overwhelmed and tired.

The best way to protect against these people is to limit contact with them. But if your friend is a vampire or a boss, then the conversation with him to his aura as it looped, cross your legs or arms. Believe me, it helps. If your defense is still broken, you need to give yourself time to recover, rest and sleep well.

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