Human rights activists: Witness written a blueprint

In the Leninsky district court of Minsk process continues over the presidential candidates Nikolai Statkevich, Dmitry mustache and five other participants in the events of December 19.

16 May the court heard the testimony of seven witnesses for the prosecution. Mr. Vasilene of Bobruisk, who works at a local boarding school for orphans, told a meeting Statkevich and Uss voters in Bobruisk Youth Palace on December 18. According to witnesses, Statkevich urged to come to the area on December 19 to press for fair elections, and dig out its limited program to reform the electoral system.

After the interrogation Vasileni found that other witnesses failed to appear in court. Referred to the long journey from the Mogilev and Bobruisk. The court agreed to hear their affidavits. In particular it was the testimony of four employees of school number 23, from Mogilev: Semochkin deputy director of the school, the teacher of computer science Bakula, Secretary Karpekinay and technical collaborators Sinchanka. According to observers, their testimony were very similar, even written as a blueprint: "The impression that Statkevich's emphasis was not on the program. A call to the square "- sounded the same in all indications.

Here are some more of the same phrases that have applied various witnesses: "I am a military man, a specially trained", "should press the Power", "to my question is not answered, and called on the square", "we know we will not win, but themselves must show "- these phrases from the speech quoted Statkievich all witnesses to the 23rd Mogilev school.

It appears, asking Statkievich at the meeting and the so-called provocative questions. He was asked why razve with his wife, why strange pronounces the letter "r" and even on whose responsibility will be loss of life, if someone shot the people at the rally of the machine. Such questions are answered iPad for what will personally monitor the situation, but believes in the peaceful nature of the action.

"The crowd will be created, do not worry, I razrulit. Today I say to all the sites that I take responsibility. The main thing is to this man, which is very much afraid not done anything stupid. But he has no money. All Belarusians understand it. And we will solve this problem, we get a real election, and through them will be solved and everything else. Thank you. (Applause). "

Statkevich denied that appealed to the area and said that the elections were perfectly copied, so you need to "put pressure on the government," a large number of protesters. At the meetings, according to the video from the case, the ex-candidate voters explained in detail the mechanism of falsification.

After Statkevich shared his observations and experiences selective Dmitry Moustache. In including He cited the example of his employee, who work as director of the school, received orders to falsify election results, and if refused — to stop him a contract. Both candidates have called for the foundation of a system of contracts in order to get some people to rig the elections, others — not to speak of what they see and not to protest.

At the end of the day the judge dismissed the two petitions Grachev defenders Statkevich and Uss. Those sought to subpoena a witness to the UCP leader Anatol Lyabedzka and invite the phone company data related to location Uss during a telephone conversation with Statkevich. This conversation appears in the case. By the way, so again it was found that the prosecutor's office in Belarus before the election gave permission for a lasting Wiretapping of both presidential candidates.


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