Humanity is stuck in its own little «bubble»

The human race is not only a very modest place in the universe, but even in the home galaxy — the Milky Way. Most recently, the place indicated astronomer Adam Grossman on his blog — a small yellow dot. Its diameter is only 240 light years away — it's really a tiny amount, if we consider the galactic spiral with a diameter of more than 100,000 light-years.

This point, called Grossman "bubble of humanity", is an area with the first broadcast as a border.

Radio was invented in 1895. Since then, flying in space, artificial electromagnetic signals reaching the speed of light. Together with them and expanding area that they fill. It falls to the areas where these signals can someone hear. Or, at least, understand that caught something artificial. Naturally, if the worlds inside the sphere is something that can receive radio signals.

Since the "bubble of humanity" while stretching only 200 light-years, the worlds, located a little further until you are aware of our existence.

Image of 'bubble of humanity ", located on the background of the Milky Way — is a graphic illustration of how little space in which people currently have.

Our application has not yet received any response. In any case, scientists have not been able to find anything encouraging — not extraterrestrial radio, nor any similarity or artificial signals. It is possible that aliens are not suitable live in our "bubble." In answering this question, Adam Grossman said that he feels lonely.

Hide late

According to Seth Shostak, program manager for the signals sent by extraterrestrial civilizations, we are too late to hide. "The bubble of humanity" is not so small. Already terrestrial radio waves, which are distributed with the launch of Radio, reached more than six thousand star systems. And every day our civilization signals getting through, at least until another star system.

Of course, it's unlikely that aliens are interested in our radio or TV. The very "broadcasting" is strongly distorted with distance. However, they may recognize the artificiality of the source, and try to pinpoint his location. As they note, a technique that has overtaken our only 100-200 years, can do it. In other words, we "lit." And we will continue to do so, even if the "Peace."

On Shostak agree and chief scientific officer of the Institute of Radio Engineering and Electronics, Russian Academy of Sciences, Alexander Zaitsev, Doctor of Physical and Mathematical Sciences.

According to him, earthlings, not hide it any. Even if we assume the existence of a strong aggressive civilization, which is ahead of us in development, then hide from it fail. And if it is a technique that allows you to attack the Earth, that they already know everything about us.

But if somewhere there is a civilization comparable to our own, we can establish contact with it, without any risk. They just have to not reach, however, as we have before.

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