Hype forced to answer: Will the United States to build the Death Star?

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In the U.S., the fans of the saga "Star Wars" and just have some fun lovers can celebrate. Enthusiasts left on the official website of the White House a petition with the proposal to build a 2016 battle ship "Death Star" from the fantastic saga, and monthly circulation has collected more than 26,000 signatures.

This means that the authorities must formally respond to the offer to realize the fantasies of George Lucas.

"Those who signed up here, the petition before the U.S. government about the available resources and the financing of construction of the" Death Star "in 2016 — said in the petition. — By directing our defense resources on excellence in space, on the platform and weapon system, like "Death Star", the government encourages the creation of jobs in the field of design, engineering, space, and more — will strengthen the national defense. "

Apparently, the idea of the author petition resonated with thousands of Americans, at least, in the month since the inception of treatment, under the text have signed nearly 27,000 people. Thus already 25,000 is enough to get an official response to his appeal, says CBC News.

To ensure that the administration and the president's desk just got a really decent offers, all petitions are double filter. First, the author should make the publication on the website in the public domain — it needs to get at least 150 signatures, sending address to the PM's statement to his supporters. After overcoming the barrier of the author has a month to collect 25,000 signatures for their petition.

Author of the petition on the "Death Star" has successfully overcome these barriers. "This is a civil war. And Laugh-rebels, striking a secret base, have won their first victory over the forces are perceived petition-in-the-White-House-too-serious "- jokes Yahoo News.

However, the real authors of the winning lottery can celebrate in the event that their petition will respond directly to the president. "From time to time, President Obama may respond to the petition itself, but we think that most appeals answers will come from the staff of the administration," — according to the creators of the White House website.

The fact that the authors of the proposal is rejected, there is no doubt. Enthusiasts have estimated that the cost of construction of the "Death Star" more than 852 quadrillion dollars (15 quadrillion zeros after the unit). This amount is 13,000 times greater than the gross domestic product of planet Earth in a year.



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