I do not want to live in the country, Hey, how you got there?

I do not want to live in the camp — "Hey, how are you there?"

Our planetka themes and gorgeous that is diverse! And where in the islands high in the palms of screaming cockatoo loves ladies burly, a kind of three-wrap, then in Paris, 21 century, only to regret these poor things! Different color and shape of the eyes, one religion and endless — but … for centuries here and there sotsiuokulturnaya has developed a system of relations, where some of her eyelids were bonded human blood, spreading those cases which at that time were at heart the stateliness and scary (read power) She then blyula morals of the people, cattle or the electorate (as anyone) — regardless of the system and form of government!

And in a huge castle in the west of the monarch, the beautiful palace of the lord of the East, as in the African tribal community leader and the birthplace of the prince, was what happened over the centuries, which was attended by over lapping era of masses of people, from kings to paupers — TALK.
All we are saying all communicate among themselves — and sultans, and the plebeians, communicate in an accessible mind and conduct of the world, from the simplicity of the language, such as "chagoy syavolos out there?" Before — "Very well gentlemen, to tell you the news prelyubopytneyshaya" Language communication between people evenly divided into several components of levels:

• Celestials — the rulers
• The faithful vassals of the throne
• The sovereign's henchmen
• Ministers of religion
• Servants of the Muses Melpomene
• gubernatorial district-layer power.
• Nobles
• negociant and hucksters of all levels
• Petty Bourgeoisie
• Working
• Villagers
• People
• Cattle
• Any there

Approximately all the continents and have only changed names and titles such as Khan, ruler, Sultan, ruler, leader and President.

At each of these levels for centuries formed the language of communication, gestures and concepts. He multiplied, grind, developed and diverse, elegantly modernized! The carriers were descendants of royalty and hereditary educational habitats are living, education and communication.

There, inside each level had its own language of communication for themselves equal and, respectively, the total municipal language of communication with the other levels!

Now run across to the essence of the article!

In conversation, humans levels, and was a form of appeal to a certain person from the system level — top down and bottom up! Turning to the definition of "level" has been applied and the dress code, adopted at that time, well, could not Prince Count with their own level of communication to tell the level number 11, such as "Sir, Pochetaemy, Your Honor"

Everything was regulated — that's a plebeian, but the ruler!

Years passed, and the world firmly on the rails of equality and democracy (excuse me, please — so at this point in the newspapers)

Now go all the Mr. and Ms. Frau c — in the woods for mushrooms, and we are with you pochetaemy Russian reader, talk about the mother tongue of homespun!
We discard the century old silver and move on to 1825! Our homeland!

• Sovereign — Boyar!
• My dear!
• Your Grace
• Dear!
• Razlyubezny!
• Your Excellency
• Pal!
• Brother!
• Man!
• Citizen!
• Honourable!
• Sovereign — Madam!
• Light!
• Your Honour!
• Your honor!
• Your Excellency!
• Your Honor!
• Your Excellency
• Your Highness
• Your Majesty

Come on, think! And if you reject all there your grace and honor, that we remained in Russia after the Russian Union of Socialist Republics, where everything was simple and clear: "Comrade"

Our homeland then stepped forward to the latest development platform, but on the background of increasing gas prices, inflation, and local wars with anger in Syria and the election of the same — forgotten, as a matter of an appeal people to restore and set up! Not earlier — with ministers plenipotentiary representatives to arrange true, but here it is also opposition, her mom!

We are with you inconspicuously have in our country varies by sex, as cattle to be called, the man, the lady! — "Hey, man! I appeal to you to! "" Lady please convey a ticket! "

There's a VIP stratum of Russian rapidly emerged gentlemen bankers, ha! Ha! And the citizens were convicted!

How do we, we, the people of Russia as a handle to each other?

Comrade at the moment, "muddying" the power and calls in that light, and human, and that it was already impossible to avoid!
Prince remained in the people — antagonism — "If it is sovereign, then I go out trash?"
Mr. — A "bourgeois"
Mrs. and Mrs. — It is not ours!
Your honor and Grace — Generally laugh!
For Brother and Boyfriend — It is possible in the face shlopotat!
My dear and Razlyubezny — Embed too, just in case!

One gets the feeling that the Russian authorities waits for 100 — 300 years there will be new forms of public appeals to individuals!

But I live in the moment and do not want to be Razlyubeznym and "Hey! Man "or" Man, pass the ticket! "

Maybe "Pochetaemy — Pochetaemaya," "The Emperor — Boyar", "fellow", "The human", "brother — sister"?

Think of linguists and historians, aesthetes and art historians, sociologists, and philosophers — but to give me a familiar and congenial appeal to a friend coupe!
We need to start is at the moment with the kindergarten, the family, with the first class — because our identity is our identity, how we behave in this world feel — "As the ship will call, so it will float!"

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