I — severokavkazets. I am a patriot of Russia. I love Russ

I — severokavkazets. I am a patriot of Russia. I love Russ. My way of communicating is repugnant to many. Communicates aggressively without snot and excess lime correctness. I advise you not to read the article for those who can not break the habit of bleating sheep bigots and hypocrites.

1. Heard a lot of discussion about the state idea. Even the Kremlin heard trepotnya krivodushnaya devoid of real utility. Kremlin blather about the idea of the state, striking out of our passports and our nationality slighting Russian law, in which the rights and something real is almost gone. All the peoples of the Russian Federation is uniformly converted to the powerless. But in this article I will talk about the Russian. Because of Russian depends more than from anyone else. This is for the fundamental civilization of Russia. All the peoples of the Russian Federation joined the Russian rather than join the Russian Federation. This is a fact. But for some reason only Russian oznachimoy not have their own area on the map of Russia. In Yakutia, Yakuts, the Ingush — Ingushetia, near … etc. Someone will make an objection, they say it's not politically correct. And the fact that the Russian, who is, for example, in Tatarstan and Tatar, who arrived in the city of Orel, does not think that he is on the ground Russes — is politically correct? And why have all the peoples of the Russian Federation notwithstanding that area — correctly, and Russian have the same — is not correct? What nonsense and discrimination? Russ land should be considered in the whole territory of the Russian Federation, except the territories of other peoples of the Russian Federation, have joined the Russian Federation with their lands. This situation will only strengthen the friendship between our two peoples, and not sow enmity. Nobody outlined against the peoples of the territories of the Russian Federation. So why Russian deprive such rights? What to chat about the idea of the state into the void, it is better to resolve this fundamental question.

2. The state thought is in. But in some nations it is firmly asleep. Need to wake her up, vzboltnuv our brains, and not expect the "wise" applets from the authorities. The authorities do not care about us. For instance, necessary think about the problem of the army. Many blamed the North Caucasians for their izymatelstva over a Russian army. In fact it is not only the problem of an army. What is happening in the army is a "magnifying glass", with which you can clearly behold the problems of our society. By the way, in the midst of Russian military has a lot of fighter, not inferior to Caucasians own unity and strength of spirit. Russia, in the base of its own, strong, unbending people. That should awaken this spirit. Is not it a national idea? STAND FOR EACH OTHER AS for himself. Do not berate necessary severokavkazkih fighter, but rejoice that your example they are forced to think about the power of the other cohesion. Clever mom is not the one who rescued son from the army, but the one that spits in the face of the offspring, if he oponositsya from the thought of going into the army. Yes, barzeyut my fellow countrymen in the army. And what can they do when others act like sheep? How can you respect do not respect yourself? I remember my younger years. I grew up on a daring street. At the time, Russia was more daring than Caucasians, and were united than now. Task of the national idea — it's brought up in the Russian youth awareness that if humiliate 1st Russian, then humiliated the whole of civilization. Veterans in the army humiliated own edinokrovnikov same, although behold the example of a caucasian senior soldiers did not allow themselves to insult rookie countryman. Yes rookie and will allow themselves offend any stranger, nor his own. Why I pechus of cohesion of the Russian civilization? Since we, the peoples of the Russian Federation, we live in one country. We, Caucasians, not much. But if the Russian understand the power of unity, then the country scum thief, sitting in big offices, fails to lower the country. All our failures, including binge drinking, drugs, corruption, bureaucracy … come not so much from the thieves and traitors, how many of our disunity. And the peoples in the Caucasus between themselves have difficulties. We need to take friend another is the best. There is much to learn from the Russian Caucasians and Russian — in the Caucasus.

3. Physical education should be increased. But more important to increase the self-pros. There is not the 1st of another man stronger. Even the world champion is not stronger than the ordinary guy. No muscle stronger than brick. There is no power stronger than a cohesive nation where one stands FRIEND For others as for himself. But there is no cohesion against the villains where there is not a sufficient level of its own pros and active sense of shame for the mess in the country. Is bastards Basayev and Yeltsinites could brew a war if people were to rally against the villains? Aces on both sides were TUZIKOV own zakordonnyh owners, and killed thousands of Chechen and Russian. If it was to have a fairly pros, you could pour filth on us debauchery and drugs? And here is dependent on the Russian very nearly all, for the majority are.

The strength of the country in solidarity not only among the nations, and between the peoples of the Russian Federation. Must be enriched friend other cultural values, the age of which Goals, and not to follow the muck advanced by us outside. We, as a century back, is on the ropes, aggressive world. If you do not come to its senses, then fry us as Serbs or Iraqis. It is time for all of us to understand that the power and prosperity are close to us. You only need to STAND FOR EACH OTHER AS FOR HIMSELF SELF.

Sorry for the tongue-tied.

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