Icons wept blood in front of the most terrible acts of terrorism




We learned about Valentine a long time, even for her show has been one of their main channels. Allegedly, in Klin in simple woman, not in a church, but in a small apartment streaming myrrh more than 300 icons … I wanted to go, see for yourself.


To get into the military camp, to return to the entrance of the city, where there is a stele with the coat of arms and the words "Clean", turn left and drive a few kilometers on the highway, winds in the colorful autumn forest.

And here we are at the end. Free passage CPR with soldiers. See dilapidated porch typical "hruschoby" opposite — a small wooden chapel. Pilgrims crowd immediately. A strange light floral and fruity scent is felt in the street. The apartment is on the second floor, behind the iron door with intercom. Who came to marvel at the miracle run back portions, one of eight or ten.

Inside, the smell is enhanced, it starts from a little dizzy. Group are in a small room above the brim lined with icons. They are different: from tiny paper to the ancient blackish faces. The first thing one is struck — at you from all sides stare lively eyes. And do not just stare — learn how to ask, "Since you came?" And the fragrance is such a concentration that it seems — not the air around, and some new, more dense, oily supersaturated vapor substance.

The hostess began to read in a singsong. "Our Father" — is here as makeup, technologically justified act. Then, later, Valentine told me that when her husband left for a vacation to the sea, mirotochenie though not gone, but declined. It turns out that it needed an infusion of energy everyday spiritual words. And, it turns out as you give sincere prayers, so get materialized divine moisture. Which Valentine generously distributes free of charge to those who suffer, pouring it into bite-size pharmaceutical bottles.

Particularly strong streaming myrrh two small icons: Iver Mother of God with the Valdai and the icon of St.. Panteleimon. They even lie in special troughs, where the world literally draw a teaspoon. The process of selection is in our eyes — we see the swell on the icons oil bubbles, fountains.

Some icons are covered with dew God as beads — she froze them drops. For other global flows streams. Some of these streams as thin filaments as lines disposed apart from each other at equal distances. And each icon of the smell. In this case, it is the same if the icons shown a certain saint, no matter what kind of material used — wood, paper, cardboard, plastic …

"It's bleeding … When ikonochki in Beslan seizure occurred — two days before the baby was covered in blood," — says Valentine lecturing tone. Up to 500 people a day it is — like it or not, and learn not worse than a museum tour guide speak.

"The first is always updated his eyes, then — the blessing finger … Watch the live … The baby was alive. Plaque was just dark, when brought in, and now the rainbow appears … But this is wrong icon was painted. Paints dark are incorrect. And others began to paint — look, bright, bright. Here at this eyes were closed, and now are opened … But holy Matrona, it is the most fragrant, feel what smell. And she loved my mother very wildflowers. And here icons — were all black, with fire. And now, look, eyes already appeared … "

The story of a miracle

Two to three months of life given to Valentina doctors in 2000. All hope was in God. She made a pilgrimage to the holy places, the known Russian monasteries. It was then that she had a button with the Valdai. "Valentine's Day, time still will go to the Lord, make the shroud. Leave a memory," — told her father of the local church of the Assumption of the Virgin. She went to work. "Gold" and "silver" thread for sewing the first year was not enough. The second Passover had money (donations), bought additional material, thread. And she finished only in 2003. She said, "Take, Lord, work." She felt the fragrance …

First upset. I thought — and now the time has come. It is to the death. Said my father about the smell, he reported on, in the diocese. Came expert, took the fragrant essences for analysis. And now the apartment Valentina constantly monitors the commission of the Patriarchate.

"Of course, there is jealousy, hatred. Neighbors have different attitudes. But when trouble happens, all come to me … Now it's my cross to bear. Hard — do not dispose of his time, all the time on my feet. I accept all with love. Embittered — he can not be here — says Valentina. — The greatest miracle — not what icons streaming myrrh, and what happens to people. I have a big family. three children. military family — no one believed in God then. Now, believe it … "


We — all over the edge, all over the top. Little things we do not notice. If a disaster — such that the rest of the world is horrified. If wonders what — want to see them as a cucumber in a barrel … And that all is not enough, do not notice. Somewhere in Europe zamirotochila one icon to the whole country — there and then finds out the whole world, and in the holy place of the pilgrims flow freely and money.

And why miracles happen?

Perhaps rationality is the desirability of a miracle — it's shown only to those who can believe in it and change themselves or others. As the saying goes, "to whom much is given, of him much." This, among other things, also means that the human soul will be responsible for all the calls and signs, which God spoke to her. Maybe that's why a lot of people in my life have never faced with any miracles. A faithful believe that the miracle is only where there is a spiritual necessity for its development and where it reaches a certain spiritual goal. We mirotocheniya icons, in addition to signs, there are a purely utilitarian function — image update. Essence global updates of paint.

Trust but verify

Before the revolution of 1917 there was a strict procedure for verification of miracles. Myrrh-Streaming Icon of the commission first examined the local diocese. Then came the experts appointed by the Patriarch. If they also believed that they had seen a miracle, an icon is placed under the glass and put the guard. About the miracle announced officially, if the icon and then continued to stream myrrh … But the very first to "investigate" proceeded not churchmen, and the employees nearest police station, because of speculation "on the topic" has always been enough. (Somehow the monks for their own short-term political purposes announced the "weeping" of icons from the reforms of Peter I. The king issued a stern injunction: "O Lord, holy! Orders the Virgin no longer crying. And if the Mother of God at least once more to cry lamp oil, then behinds from priests weep blood. ")

Now the Commission of the Moscow Patriarchate takes a forensic expert from the Institute of the Federal Security Service (approximately 10% of cases, they draw the conclusion: "miracle" — fake). While a formal opinion on the myrrh-streaming icon in Klin not, but the decision-maker has repeatedly spoken on this subject in the media. Their verdict: this is not a fake.


Dumbfounded, we went out of the house. It seemed that now everything has changed … Not far away, near the fenced gazonchik the monument to Lenin, is a group of teenagers. One guy is separated from the company, slowly moving somewhere. "Volodya, you go for vodka?" — "Well, is not the same for a beer …"

Miro and a small icon "Faith, Hope, Love," which gave us Valentine's standing at home. At one time, icon, as it seemed to us a little streamed myrrh, but then it was over. Together with joy in his chest, which gradually dissolved. We must continue to live in the real cruel world, almost no way related to what they saw in Klin.

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