Igor Dob — bright person and a great director

At the 77th year of life after a long illness, died one of the largest Belarusian filmmakers Igor Dob. His films "Ivan Kravchuk," "schedule for the day after tomorrow", "Bratushka", "Autumn Dreams" as defined psyhalyagizmam subtle and dramatic, brought glory to the Belarusian cinema. A comedy "White Dew", which has become a truly popular, more than a quarter-century on display in movie theaters and on television in all the countries of the former Soviet Union. The words goodbye — theatrical and film critic Vyacheslav Rakytskyy.

Died a talented director, a bright man. These words are all my heart and through my tears with me today pronounce the dozens, hundreds of actors, directors, and artists in general. And yet — tens of millions of viewers of different generations.

I am very well aware of Igor Mikhailovich. Friends with him. I wrote about him and his movies. Arts Council has been in the studio "Dialogue", which was headed by the Master at the studio "BelarusFilm" in times of restructuring. Seen as Igor Dob struggled with the destruction of the national cinema, which led the new government.

Many times I was present at the site when Igor filmed "White Dew", "Autumn Dreams", "Lament of quail." It is the atmosphere that prevailed when shooting Dob, remains in my top experiences from the process of making a movie. This atmosphere of mutual love, friendship, mutual respect, creative reunion consciously and sincerely created Dob. It is in the love of the actors and the people that he was shooting his movie, and the secret of the success of his films. Not in a simple little dramatic collisions cause and the great success truly popular comedy "White Dew", but in the nature of the senses, which created and which subdued and Moscow, Belarusian and stars Igor Dob.

Dob himself used to say that everything he knows, he learned from his teacher Mikhail Romm. And above all — the attention to the actor. It was he who discovered the entire Soviet cinema Stephanie Stanyuta, Paul Kormunina, Galina Makarova, Paul Doboshinskih, Valentine Belohvostik, Victor Tarasov. They are no longer alive. From myself, and perhaps from them is a memo to the Master wreath another actor and friend Dobrolyubova Russian artist of the National Theatre of Belarus Edward Hot:

"Directorial skill, all his talent was visible only through the viewer actor. Only after human relationships in his films are seen, so to speak, uncut horns. He knew all the theaters in Belarus. He was the first director who was shot in his film only Belarusian actors. Belarusian directors do not really trust their actors were invited from Moscow, Leningrad, Kiev. Igor joined us. first film, starring only Belarusian actors, the film was "no middle ground." And it was the first truly Belarusian film. Those whom he attracted to himself, could not calm down the sensitivity, the confidence, the modesty of the demands … He loved artist. And artists like him. he wanted to put a show in the theater, but did not admit directing theater. Directors are cautiously watching so as not to appear competitors. Unfortunately, this did not happen. And we were getting … "

Born in Russia, after the war he went to Belarus, where in the Russian theater of Gorky worked his stepfather. In Minsk, he received a journalism degree, here in the Theater of Young Spectators, he worked as an actor. And after the All-Union Institute of Cinematography in Moscow here in Minsk, Belarus, he created a national cinema. He worked primarily with Belarusian writer, playwright Ivan Chigrinova ("Lament of quail"), Alexei Dudarevym ("White Dew", "Autumn Dreams"), Ivan Shamyakin ("Epilogue"), Vladimir Khalip ("Mom, I'm alive") .. . Put movie about a man, though in a clearly defined social context, which was a requirement of the Soviet cinema so-called socialist realism. Realism is Dobrolyubova was in a deep insight into the human soul. And especially strong sounded his films about teenagers — "Schedule for the day after tomorrow," "On a secret around the world," "The Extraordinary Adventures of Dennis Korableva." And the film "Ivan Kravchuk," became the first Belarusian film that has acquired a very prestigious award — the "Silver Minervu" at the 22nd International Children's Film Festival in Venice. Then director is not released to the festival in Italy. But that Igor often spoke with humor .

These same misfortune Igor Mikhailovich, as it is dramatic and ironic started in a new Belarus, the revival of the sovereignty and national culture which he sincerely welcomed.

In 1994, Dob takes grim in his truthfulness film "Epilogue" on nezapatrabavanasts artists in a transitional society. A film for its author was prophetic. A year Dob takes part in the elections to the Supreme Soviet of the 13th convocation as a candidate who was supported by the BPF. Together with actors Edward Hot, Valentine Belohvostik, director Mark Bravde I was confidant Igor Dobroliubov. I have seen the terrible persecution by the authorities and the director candidate. One civilian was the first step Dobrolyubova and decisive step towards separation from the profession in the creative heyday. More Dob not put any film. Did not allow him to teach in public schools creative. He worked as a professor at the only private institution of modern knowledge. Anniversaries Masters took place only in a narrow circle of friends. In recent years, Igor Dob suffered several strokes.

The cause of family, colleagues, friends call deep feelings associated with excommunication from the profession and the betrayal of former sutvortsav.

Documentary filmmaker Yuri Khaschevatsky, who considers himself a student of Dobrolyubova ponders why it happened to him:

"When an artist deprived of the opportunity to create, he dies. He was lying on the script Vasil Bykov. And in our country if these two names come together, then power is considered explosive mixture. Their union feared., The authorities did their best to prevent and prevented. We are all to blame for allowing the situation to reach a point where the pride of the country — the creators, like Igor — are marginalized, can not create, can not do anything. Naturally, the Belarusian culture was carrying the great loss of all these years. And with the death of Igor Mikhailovich one of the pages of this self-pity, unfortunately, inverted. And it has not come back. "

Authorities never asked how survives century man who gained fame Belarusian cinema. His good fortune that had outstanding sons and wife. He died in a sincere care …

Dob in serious illness and wanted to make a film based on Vasil Bykov. And I still have a tape recording of a conversation with Igor Mikhailovich May 5, 2006, 20 days before the first stroke.

Rakytskyy"If you now have the opportunity to make a movie, what would it be?"

Dob"I have Vasya Bykov had an agreement to screen" yellow sand ". I was shooting a "yellow sand" — his little story about how the NKVD lucky to be shot … "

Rakytskyy"And why this film was not shot?"

Dob"The Ministry of Culture responded that read and call.'s Still and read. Three or four years … The horror …"

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