Illuminati Conquest Space

The U.S. government has the Space Command located in the mountains Sheyena, which uses space technology for sowing panic and destruction of the planet Earth … Like his father, George Bush continues to develop weapons of space wars. STAR WARS program continues to this day. Even after the Cold War with Russia. In 1998, some people could not bear to have more than 100 hours of video footage of a UFO of the European Space Agency — all of these materials were taken by NASA astronauts in various shuttle mission.

A large number of surveys were sent anonymously in 2003, and were recorded with the receive channel from the spacecraft. To perform an authoritative analysis of these records, I enrolled in a course of Astronomy in the world-famous Royal Observatory in Greenwich. Analyzing records UFO captured by astronauts aboard the shuttle, it was discovered that thousands of UFO enters and leaves the Earth's atmosphere every day. In fact, the audio recordings were the astronauts talk about anomalous objects. Not only about them, but about lasers or such Nikola Tesla Death Ray used against UFOs.

NASA certainly kept secret secrets, including an explanation of why the moon landing photos were rigged, why former German Nazi SS and Frimasony participate in the NASA space program. As you will see only the evidence that I've given you, I'm sure you'll agree that people were misleading, that Colonel Philip Corso Pentagon confirms in his book The day after Roswell. My film shows the strange Space Snakes and UFOs — but also that the American Illuminati are secret space war against them.

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