Im not Robin Hood, Im Ruslan Dukans

Senior Lieutenant Vladimir Popov said Fritsisovicha when he came to visit a part of his son: "What are you, his whole life preparing for special forces?".

On all leaves that Ruslan prepared himself for the special forces with … 6 years old. At first it was swimming — for common development. Later athletics — speed and agility. Classes bar poured force in muscles. Boxing is well trained to peel and protected. And there were chess — gymnastics of the mind.

By the age of 18 he became Superman — just make a handsome guy who knows how to adore life in all its manifestations. Know the cost of each of days, hour, minute. Cookery School — only for laughers object of jokes for Ruslana — is severe comprehension profession. He is from a young age used to do useful work.

From the Latvian roots, from the right of home education in it was hard work, punctuality, courtesy and tact, men's elegance …

A little team recruits, including seven of Sochi residents, were at the training center, an officer in the Green Beret pointed to Ruslan and his cousin, Vitaly: "These — to me!" Both guys — at six feet, broad-shouldered. Since the early days only the two "young" trained with the "old." Three months later the commander said, "Can you pass on the maroon beret." Six months later, went to the Caucasus …

When the ancestors of the Sochi other guys got on the war, we learned that Dukansy move in part to check on offspring, recommended to set an example in the "salvation of children." Father Ruslan replied succinctly: "My son will not be a deserter, not so educated."

They made it to the North Ossetian village of Chermen in excitement. Vladikavkaz was already crowded with troops — a contrast to the resort of Sochi has been striking. The commandant in Chermen to know who to have guests, immediately volunteered to assist: "These brothers, we all know — the golden man! We will deliver them for you! Until you've lived in the officers' room, and my men with the men spend the night. " In those criteria this was a special token of appreciation …

Ruslan and Vitali came with an advanced clean, cheerfully. Still Lyubov into tears … Father Vladimir Fritsisovich, trying to keep the nerves in his fist. He himself served as an urgent operational regiment of internal troops, was a part in the severity in 1973, when there was a mass mess. But then troops, acting on behalf of a strong country, swiftly and without bloodshed brought order. Today things are different, and in the state, and in Chechnya …

Brothers rested a couple of days to fame. It was not easy to leave. At the station father gave a little slack, softly and haltingly offered offspring "Ruslan, You conquered Chechnya in its number of months already there. Maybe I will talk with the boss, you moved to a different part, closer to home? "-" What are you, Dad! How did the guys who were there? .. "

Special purpose company of strolling the harsh task: beat out militants from Assinovskaia attacked Bamut. As it happens, the first wounded assisted Ruslan. CPR to someone who has no signs of life. He stated: "All Ruslan, is worthless! "And he did not want to believe in death other:" Maybe save more! .. "Soon he received a concussion and a fragment of the nail. Thought all this nonsense. After a little respite were fighting again …

At the cool morning April 10, 1995 covered the OMON riot police, combing the village Zakan-Yurt. Recently the local elders assured the command: "Do not worry, our side will not have the 1st shot, we have agreed with the rebels, they're gone …"

By the end of the street when commandos were in the open, they hit someone in the back a few machines and AGS.

Grenade exploded a meter away from Ruslan. He, whole lacerated by shrapnel, though could command: "Retreat to betru!" Sam decided to cover: knelt, has started on the "spirits" of the grenade grenade launcher …

"Turntables" came in a few minutes. Vitali leaned over his brother with a jar of water.

— Fields in the chest, hot — asked Ruslan and coughed blood. Later on the bloody face flashed like a reassuring grin. — Nietzsche-s! After three days are — I'm with you!

— Well, well, shut up! — Vitaly aware that at the moment it has to be constantly close to the seriously wounded brother. — I'll fly with you!

But from the helicopter ambulance drove his company commander: "Get out! You see — some wage war! "

In the hospital Ruslan killed. Vitaly hitherto believes that whether he's around, it could have been saved …

Private Interior troops Ruslan Dukans was the fifth of Sochi residents killed in Chechnya. The coffin was willing to carry on his hands over the top in the town of Holiday Avenue. Alarmed the police — in those April days of the resort, side by side, stayed the High. Moms, fathers, classmates and fellow soldiers who died in the Caucasus Russian fighter ugrazhali go on demonstration Bocharov Stream on gosdachu … Bitter tears washed away with those vernal cool rain.

The room Ruslan — Icons and candles, portrait, maroon beret. Here came his comrades from Astrakhan, Naberezhnye Chelny, Krasnodar, Rostov. In the city cemetery monument — in the whole growth: light people — black marble-cold. Orthodox cross, the emblem of Special Forces soldiers and lines of the poet:
Who beheld death and blood friends
The salty sweat, fatigue eye
He knows us.

We are called — special forces.

Surname Dukans there on the monument in Krasnodar, in the division of operational mission, where he served as …

At one point, before the service, he stood up for the girl, which landed in a disco drunken revelers. Punched them, but … fuss, the police report.

On duty in the department, seeing ahead of him sober and reasonable guy asked in surprise: "But for you, it was necessary? What are you, Robin Hood? "
The response was small, with dignity, "I am not Robin Hood, I — Ruslan Dukans."

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