In America fell UFO?




Flight of the mysterious object locals videotaped

The same UFO. And representatives of the airport said that nothing unusual on the radar was not.
Photo by the CBS

Municipal official, Mr. Brandon McBroom from Fort Wayne, Ind., on Sunday came to the airport to meet his relatives. And for a long time spinning in the parking lot, trying to park the car. There was no place. In desperation, the future hero of America looked at the sky. Then he could not explain why. May have wanted to seek help from God. But what he saw made him forget about the car. On the bright sky, flashing a dazzling, a flying object. Practical McBroom never believed in the stories about "flying saucers" and did not, his mouth agape, admiring a miraculous phenomenon. A car just pulled out of the camcorder and filmed the strange flying object, which lasted about a minute until it disappeared behind the high hills surrounding Fort Wayne.

McBroom sold a record local TV channel. And they conducted their investigation. It turned out that the object can not be a plane or a weather balloon, which often run near airports. In addition, he was flying at too great a speed exceeding flying passenger aircraft. The military also denied any involvement in the incident. It is reasonable to noticing that would not have to test new equipment near the civilian airport.

What was it? Is still unknown. McBroom promises an expedition in search of a fallen somewhere in a deserted area outside the city object.

Andrei Egorov, October 13, 2004

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