In Brazil, fell from the sky a mysterious ball

March 6, 2012 20:19

The nature of the mysterious place has not been established.

In the state of Maranhão in northeast Brazil fell from the sky a mysterious metal object in the shape of the ball. As reported by the Brazilian media, ball diameter — about one meter, weight — about 30 pounds.

The incident took place on February 22 in the village of Dos Riashu Rokos. The ball fell in the early morning in the yard of a local resident Jose Mendez. First, there was a heavy thunder-like explosion. When the man went outside, he discovered the mysterious object.

Celestial globe made of metal, which is defined so far. Inside this object — a cavity in which an object is clearly: if the ball shake it's some moves.

The incident resulted in no injuries, but the ball is damaged tree in the yard and Mendes left the funnel into the ground.

The news of the mysterious ball caused curiosity among local people: to look at him in Riashu dos Rokos attracts people from neighboring villages and towns. Meanwhile, the nature of the mysterious place has not been established, it is suggested that this may be part of the spacecraft, such as a satellite.

Recall a similar incident took place in December last year in South Africa — in the north of Namibia, fell from the sky metal ball weighing about 6 kg and a diameter of about 35 cm Then, too, it has been suggested that this object has a cosmic origin. Mysterious discovery engaged experts from NASA.

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