In Chukotka, open concentrator gold deposit May

July 20, the official opening ceremony of the gold ore processing plant "May", located in the Chukotka region Chaun. The mine is developing a subsidiary of the Russian company "Polymetal" — "Gold Mining" May "," having a license. The investment amounts to 170 million dollars.

The May field was discovered in 1972 in since conducted exploration, built the village miners waged a power line from the Pevek made its way road.

In April 2013, the May field was carried out a test run of the processing plant capacity of 850 thousand tons of ore per year, and received the first gold-bearing concentrate. Its processing at the Amur hydrometallurgical plant is scheduled for October of this year.

It is expected that gold production from the field is 8 tonnes per annum, period — not less than 18 years. 
The field "May" is one of the five largest in Russia. It is located in the Chukotka region Chaun. The path of Pevek (seaport with navigation in the period July — mid-November) to "Maya" is 187 km on a dirt road all year round

Ore deposit is characterized by a high metal content. Reserves "May" are measured in accordance with the JORC Code of 2.4 million ounces a year in the ore containing 9.6 g / t, additional 4.8 million ounces of gold in the ore containing 8.3 g / t are related to categories of resources.

The company "Polymetal" acquired mine "May", the company «Highland Gold» at the end of April 2009, the active construction work started in September 2010.
The company "May" includes an underground mine and processing plant at the field, where the enrichment of ore. The resulting concentrate will be transported to the Hydrometallurgical Plant Amur (Khabarovsk Territory) for further processing.

Company "Polymetal" — the first in Russia, using pressure oxidation technology to produce gold from refractory ore concentrate.

In Chukotka gold wash with 1958 was most fruitful in 1974, then it was reclaimed 36 tons of gold. And in 2002, the miners took from the natural storehouse of less than 5 m in Chukotka Then again began the rise of the mining industry in 2009, prospectors namyli more than 30 tons of gold. With the launch of a full cycle of the mine at the May field Chukotka will significantly increase the volume of production of the precious metal.

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