In Chukotka, the start of the study site to install floating nuclear power plants

In Chukotka, began to explore the place ustavnoki floating nuclear power plant. Group oceanographers and geophysicists studying the waters of the port Pevek where you plan to install the station.

To date, scientists have conducted drilling ground along the coastline. Begins the second phase of the study, which involves the study of the seabed using a specially installed sensors.

Work under this phase will last until August 1. Autumn geodetic engineering and geotechnical investigations in Pevek continue. For a more detailed study of the location of the station will be held drilling directly from the ice of the bay.

Along with the exploration works concern "Rosenergoatom" preparing for public hearings on the nuclear power plant.

Construction of floating nuclear power plants in Pevek ALLOW HER IN THE NEAR FUTURE TO BE THE BASIS OF ENERGY INFRASTRUCTURE Chaun-Bilibinskii industrial hub

Pevek became the second place in Russia, where it is planned to install a floating nuclear power plant. Construction of floating nuclear power plant in this location will allow it to replace the overage chaunskoy CHP and in the near future, become the basis of the energy infrastructure Chaun-Bilibinskii industrial unit, which has large reserves of gold, silver, and other non-ferrous metals.

The first floating nuclear power plant will be located in the city Vilyuchinsk in Kamchatka.

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