In Krasnoyarsk observed luminous column

November 11, 2012 9:11

UFO or the northern lights — that watched last night Krasnoyarsk?

Alexander Gusev (photo) — a young mother. That's why last night she hardly slept — the youngest daughter is teething, it is acting up and crying. In the second half, when the baby is still asleep, Sasha went to the window and gasped! This girl is not seen once in my life, even when I lived in the north.

— We live in the Sverdlovsk region in the street Sayan, in high-rise on the ninth floor, — says Alexander. — From our window shows the entire city. About half a second night in the sky, there were huge high luminous column, they grew brighter and brighter, and then all began to play with colors: green, pink. Across the sky was so beautiful! This strange phenomenon we observed about a half hour. Then paint began to fade, and it all disappeared. Unreal beauty! That would have at least a thousand words!

Although, as admitted by Alexander, enthusiastic impressions appeared only at the end of this unusual play of light in the sky. According to the girl at first it was very scary, and it has been thought that came to our city the aliens!

But Nina Krayushkina, a physics teacher with 26 years of experience, is sure: no mystery or extraterrestrial nature of this phenomenon is not present.

— From the city is a powerful flow of heat — says Nina. — Warm air, as we know, goes up. And in these convection currents corny any light (from street lamps, floodlights at the stadium, etc.) can be quite different bends and give different effects. Most likely, this game saw the light of Alexander. In any case, it is not necessary to be afraid, everything is understandable.

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