In New Zealands Tongariro volcano awoke

Danger code for New Zealand's Tongariro volcano, located in the center of the North Island, has been changed from the pore in the second, after the crater began to flow portion of ash and smoke. The last time the volcano erupted more than a century ago.

In New Zealand's Tongariro volcano awoke

In the press, there were reports that some residents prefer to leave their homes in advance on the southern shore of Lake Rotoayra. Official evacuation is not started, although the volcano behaves quite hectic, from it constantly produces a characteristic sound, markedly increased the intensity of the glow. On one of the slopes, a new crater. In addition, of the craters Marie flew over portions of red hot rock fragments.
Living in the vicinity of New Zealanders Tongariro recommended to stay home if possible without needing to open the windows and doors, as the ash from the volcano significantly worsened air quality. All are also asked to closely monitor official announcements on the radio concerning the volcano to evacuate in case of time to react.
For security purposes, closed several routes between the settlements near the volcano. Visibility due to volcanic ash has fallen sharply, so drivers advised not to travel and to be extremely careful. Due to emission of the volcano in a special mode airlines operate in the eastern part of the North Island.
The slopes are covered with fresh enough Tongariro volcanic sediments, they are types of erosion tracks, so there is almost no vegetation. Part of the crater into a beautiful lake, for example, Fr. Blue and about. Emerald.

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