In NW Diamond started mooring trials of the vessel project 22120

Work on the completion of multi-purpose ice-class vessel with serial number 051 are completed, said at a shipbuilding company "Almaz" in St. Petersburg. Until September, the ship will give the Coast Guard, the Border Service of the FSB Russia.
 Multipurpose patrol vessel (PS) has a reinforced body with ice belt, and is capable of acting in the ice thickness up to 0.8 meters. The new substation, is the second of this type to be transferred to the border guards in the summer of 2013.

Laying patrol vessel in the shipyard "Diamond" was held on 25 November 2011. A year later, the ship rolled out of the hangar and lowered the water.

Currently, MS Project 22120 (serial number 051) moored at the quay wall of the plant. Started mooring trials, conducted final outfitting work, the preparation for the factory sea trials.

The lead ship of this project PS-824 with serial number 050 was built in 2010. Eight months later, in September 2011, the ship was a part of the Sakhalin Border Patrol by going to the Far East along the Northern Sea Route.

Patrol vessel has weapons, but designers should consider the installation of a bow-type six-barrel artillery gun mount AK-306M. On board there is space for the helicopter, which in the opinion of sailors will solve a wider range of tasks.

The main advantage of the project 22120 is a large cruising range. Without refueling vessel can take more than 5500 miles.

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