In Odessa, lenders select an apartment of the girl with a disability: the prosecutors and the police wash their hands

Disabled children — 24 hletny from Odessa Ekaterina Belousova — for several days already forced to live in a tiny shed. Her apartment, not without success, "squeeze" some enterprising citizens who go to great lengths to leave her without a roof over their heads.
In December, it will be exactly a year since she lost the last of a loved one — his sister Tanya, who died in oblbolnitse after a long illness. Parents women died in 2000. Due to the container in one of the city markets, Kate and Tanya could make ends meet and pay the communal. But after the death of her sister in the life of Catherine came solid black stripe. Somehow, she ended up in the black list of entrepreneurs, market administration objectionable. In April, at its container cut the locks, and the goods were taken to an unknown destination.

Obbivaya thresholds of various departments and agencies participating in rallies against lawlessness on the markets of the city, sleeping in a tent under the State Administration, Kate had no time to re-register themselves to a two-room apartment Raskidaylovskoy street, which was written to the late Tatiana. Instead, it is made by different people, allegedly issued the sister of death Belousova loan for 10 thousand dollars. Secured by real estate, of course.



So after the capture looks flat

But found out about it, our heroine only early in the morning on September 26, when three strangers, pulling locks, broke into the apartment and carried it shaped rout. They broke the furniture, wallpaper stripped and threw things Catherine garden under the windows. Frightened from Odessa called the police, human rights activists and friends even one member of the City Council — Alexander Sheremet.
, Told the deputy "Duma", police officers — two of the major Portofrankovskogo entire department (one of them introduced Denis Matvienko) — from the beginning acted not quite adequate. For example, a long time refused to make the report. Pick up a stationery law enforcement officers forced call gorUVD boss, who made one of the community members due to Kate.
But after the intervention of the authorities is not the officers had a great desire to quickly restore the violated law and justice. They questioned the rightness Belousova and showed her … copies of the MBTI, showing that in September 2012 the first apartment is not clear on what basis the departed creditors of the deceased. In other words, the valiant fighters against crime, receiving a call, knew what was happening and who is behind it all worth it. Except collusion with raiders, explain such an enviable knowledge and the availability of a document.
Be that as it may, the day the pressure of public men raiders and their "lawyers" in the major's uniform had to retreat. However, this ordeal did not end Ekaterina Belousova.
November 8 locks in the apartment where the grief in half managed to put the relative order, were foiled again. Three wage workers-farming went into housing and from there began to make things, putting them in the truck. Along the way they thoroughly make fun of a girl with a disability — insulted her and demonstrated causal space (Kate managed to shoot the horror on a mobile phone camera.) Having done their dirty work, workers welded shut fitting windows and doors and left. Belousov scored "102", but on the other end was told that this time even the patrol did not send — say, her problems with creditors are civil in nature, to resolve the conflict of the police is not authorized and the applicant is better to turn to the courts.
So from Odessa on the streets. While her temporary home is a shed in the yard.
Parliament member Alexander Sheremet has sent inquiries to all possible instances with the requirement to give a legal assessment of what is happening, to demand of paper on which Ekaterina Belousova actually made homeless, and take measures to protect the civil rights of the unfortunate. Recently, he received a response of Primorsky District Attorney Gregory Pimonova. The lawyer says that the situation in Raskidaylovskoy involved police, who did not observe the actions of people falling out of the apartment disabled reprehensible. Of a crime, according to Pimonova, no, but to nothing — and the court is not. However, the prosecutor promised that portofrankovskie detectives check in the allegation and request Belousova Sheremet facts again. While the results of re-examination no.

Raskidaylovskaya street, September 26

Valorous majors agreed to draw up a report only after calling the chief of police department

Response to a request prosecutors parliament member Alexander Sheremet

Locks doors and gates, broken capture apartment

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