In Rogachevskoye district police officer shot and killed a Woman

Today, the family home in the village of Dragoon Rogachev district brought from the morgue 22-year-old girl. Its on Kupala night fatally shot a pistol local policeman.

The girl died the day before in the intensive care unit Rahachou district hospital. The doctors did their best to fight for her life, but vognepalnaya head wound was so serious that it could not save the girl.

Killed a policeman she worked as an accountant in an agricultural enterprise "New Zhuravichi." She came here a year ago from the agricultural cooperative "Hatovnya" — after the merger of the two farms.

A friend of the dead girl began to tell:

"She graduated from college in Mogilev. Tried. I taught her — we putsyavye letters made out together. It was as if my student. Old man, when he dies, sorry, but it's — the young. Twenty-two years! Contrary to life, as we say . and creepy and sad and pathetic. "

Ten days ago, on the night of 6 to 7 July, the Zhuravichi celebrating Midsummer. There were on duty police Rahachou district department of internal affairs.

News agencies reported that three policemen late planted three local girls into his car and drove them to the village Dovsk. In the car police inspector and mortally wounded from a pistol 22-year-old girl.

Gomel Regional Prosecutor's Office raspachalat criminal case under part 1 of Article 14 and Article 139 of the Criminal Code — attempt to commit crime and murder. The investigation is ongoing. A district police officer arrested. He was 34 years old, he is married and has two children. He lives in Dowa, and the district police officer working in the Kurgan village council. At the same time he is here and rural deputy.

Chairman of the Village Council upset by the incident:

"Lady sorry for her parents. District and our pity. Difficult for us without him. Such a person, that nothing had refused. Should where to go, talk to people, drunks drive — always spoke. And even been initiated."

Chapter pagalostsy Board does not believe that the district he shot a girl in the head:

He could not like here we go resonance, shot himself. There could not …

"He could not like here we go resonance, shot himself. No, I could not. Impression of a man that he can not so here is a shot that he was not. Perhaps by accident. I believe that by chance" .

Immediately after the tragic shooting's Interior Ministry said that according to preliminary information, "the shot was accidental." At the same time, Office noted: "An initial check on the said facts have shown that training to the police department was not properly organized."

In turn Deputy Interior Minister Anatoly Kurilets publicly commented on the incident: "It tragedyya for the victim's family and a real shame for the whole system of internal affairs."

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