In Russia banned witches and sorcerers




Mr. Kashpirovsky urgently need to change the setting. And Alan Chumak will soon be himself, choking, drinking a charged water … "Traditional healers" in Russia was in danger. No, those who really know how to treat people, ready to get a license and pay taxes, have nothing to fear. But with every foul — magicians, sorcerers and charlatans — decided to end the legislation.
Today the Moscow City Duma will consider a special appeal to the Chairman of the State Duma Gryzlov. With the request to adopt a law on traditional healing.
Curb any medicine men servants tried a few years ago. But then the law has failed. Now, an initiative by deputies from the city of Vladimir. A Moscow colleagues supported them: they, too, are concerned that the naive "suckers" affected by magicians magicians, getting bigger and bigger. At best, they just cheat, at worst — directly harm. And do so with virtual impunity.
Current laws do not require that the healers have the knowledge and ability to treat. And yet the black magicians suffered even Duma deputy Valentina Prysiazhnyuk. Several years ago, our healers in Turkey, she was asked to make a cobweb from the floor, and when she came back to the hotel room, immediately took to her — I could not even move.
"Night Watch" has kept up a good image of the healer-countryman: MP revived slight movement of hands. And this strange story, however, has not turned down the fight with determination Deputatka magicians, charlatans. Ms. Prysiazhnyuk believes that the zombies of people to whom the deputy refers damage, the evil eye and a love spell, to prohibit by law. As with any advertising healers and witches that operate without licenses — enough to cash in on the diseases of people.
The times when the witch doctors and healers worked in Russia for free, have long faded into oblivion. Now for the beautiful eyes will not accept even a village head, not to mention the various "aunts praskovei from the suburbs." But soon, and Grandma, and sorcerers, and wizards have to acquire licenses for a complete list of diseases for which they are able to cure. As well as diplomas.
Moscow deputies believe that before obtaining a diploma, each healer has to prove that he is capable. How? The fact there are techniques. For example, the measurement of bio-energy — it is now doing in the official center of traditional medicine in the Ministry of Health.
However, what good is sick of this energy, even if it is — another question, which the authorities to decide. But the new law should take at least because of the wild advertising, brood in the media. It is certainly much more harmful than beer.

Approximately 300,000 witches, wizards, grandmothers and other charlatans, according to expert estimates, is now working in Moscow.

Moskovsky Komsomolets



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