In Russia began to take children for the debts of housing for new orphans communal receive up to 120 million rubles a year

In Russia began to take children for the debts of housing for new orphans communal receive up to 120 million rubles a yearMOSCOW, January 20 (New Region, Alexey Usov) — In modern Russia, the established practice of removing children for debts to community services. These conclusions were in the League to protect children by analyzing the first year of a hotline for families who chose guardianship of children. Withdraw children as ever, and temporarily, while parent does not pay the debt for the apartment. Human rights activists claim that this practice is beneficial by public utilities: a year in the country is forced to 120,000 orphaned children. Single orphans released from 100 thousand to one million rubles, most of which ends up in the housing sector.

As it turned up a "hot line" to the guardianship recently "served signals" is communal — that a new way of dealing with defaulters. gives the example of a family of Muscovites Kuznetsov victims of the crisis in 2008: the fall of that year, a father lost his job.

A few months later he found a job, but the salary is four times smaller than the previous one. A Kuznetsov Sr. on this money had to feed his wife and five children. As a result, two years formed a debt for utility services in the amount of 200 thousand rubles. Communal appealed to the guardianship with a proposal to take away from the Kuznetsov children and keep them in a children's home as long as the elder Smiths will not pay the entire debt. Guardianship authorities immediately made the act of "insolvency" and temporarily seized children from the family. Commenced litigation. If Kuznetsova in the next couple of months does not pay the debt, they will be deprived of their parental rights, and even evicted from an apartment in a room in a communal apartment.

Another story that brought representatives of the League to protect children — aboutcleaner bottom station of the city in Pskov region. It lost her five-month baby, because on his salary in 6000 rubles could not make repairs in the apartment. Her apartment, like most people in the bottom, no running water, toilet and is located in a two story house with the amenities on the street. This prompted the guardianship order the child's inability to stay with her mother.

Another illustrative case cited "New Region", in February last year. In Nizhny Novgorod region officials denied the family of three children from needy parents. In Dzerzhinsk department officials guardianship Dzerzhinskaya administration committee for minors local police department and the Department of Social Welfare just came home to his family Pchelintseva children away without showing their parents the relevant act of the city administration. Taking away children, officials cynically abandoned the family father, Sergei Pchelintsev these words: "You've got clean, but too poor." With officials selected children, the couple, leading perfectly normal, sober and healthy lifestyle. Parents found guilty only that were large family with an income of his father in 11 thousand.

If a family had Pchelintseva repression under the socio-political. Officials chose children as demonstrative of "punishment" for what Sergey Pchelintsev before often spoke on pickets in Dzerzhinsk in November and December 2009, where he talked about unemployment, poverty, illegal dismissal of employees of the Nizhny Novgorod GAZ and predatory pension reforms.

Also, as a measure of deterrence, Togliatti officials tried to take the children from the family of journalist Galina Dmitrieva, activist of the Revolutionary Workers Party. After the release of articles in the local press Dmitrieva detailing the lives of workers in the crisis "AvtoVAZ" police patrol in violation of all norms had taken from her apartment three Nikita and six-year-Alexander, and then to the police station the police threats require the mother to give them documents on children.

However, the number of victims of poverty in the country is much higher than those who have tried to take away children for political reasons. For example, the guardianship of children taken in a 34-year resident of the Leningrad region Faith Kamkina for debt bills in 140 thousand rubles.

Vladivirskoy occurred in the area for at least a blatant case. Authorities took custody of the children of the family of the veteran fighting in Chechnya, Tajikistan and Leonid Galaktionova. For the fact that the soldier did not have their own housing, and took shelter with his wife and three children in a room the size of a factory hostel 11.5 meters. Moreover, all attempts to achieve a better living space for the family came to nothing — or rather, visit "The Punisher" from the guardianship.

Guardianship and communal vested interest in mass deprive parents of their children, curators believe the "hot line". Money in "orphan" sphere spinning considerable — in Russia every year and taken away from their parents to the children's home for about 120,000 children. Per year in the state of orphans releases from 100 thousand to one million rubles, and the money to the children about not getting through, in most cases they are "on the renovation of the building," that is all in the same housing, with the exception of the many "middlemen" in the as managers of children's homes and their "mentors".

"Unfortunately, there was no history of Russia in any case, to the employees of care for illegal acts prosecuted. When the media fuss, they just return the children to place. Because of this, the staff of the guardianship sense of impunity "- the coordinator of children's" hot line. "

The family of the Nizhny Novgorod region selected three children of poverty / Guardianship — parents: "You've got clean, but too poor '

Dzerzhinsk, Nizhny Novgorod region (February 17, Olga Panfilov) — The Nizhny Novgorod region officials denied a family of three children from low income parents. Notorious case occurred in the city of Dzerzhinsk, says "Committee for Civil Rights."

February 12 in the room, where the family of Sergei Pchelintsev came several officials of the city executive authorities: Department guardianship Dzerzhinskaya administration committee for minors local police department and the Department of Social Protection. With a lead of TV employees.

Detozaschitniki staged a demonstration confiscation of three young children in Pchelintseva and his wife Lydia Buzanova: three Maxima, two years Anne and Dasha, who was born in the autumn of 2009. Contrary to the requirements of Art. 77 of the Family Code, the authorities took away children without showing their parents the relevant act of the city administration. Taking away children, officials cynically thrown Sergei these words: "You've got clean, but too poor."

As the human rights activists, officials selected children of the spouses, the leading "absolutely normal, sober and healthy life." Parents found guilty only in the fact that many children have become family.

Sergey Pchelintsev doing everything possible to support his large family. His monthly income is 10-11 thousand rubles, which is hardly enough for five people. Wife stays with the children.

It would seem that the family should use all means to the state social support. But she did not receive any benefits required by law, including the federal benefits upon the occurrence of large families. According Pchelintseva, denied even to issue a free baby food for infants. All that helped this family the state — has provided the family a month ago a separate room, in the words of Sergey — "second hand".

As the human rights, persecution of the family Pchelintseva began after his performances on pickets in Dzerzhinsk in November and December 2009, where he talked about unemployment, poverty, illegal dismissal of employees of the Nizhny Novgorod GAZ and plundering of pension reform.

Following the presentations, activist, not composed of any one party, in December invited the Center "E" (Department for Combating Extremism) in the Nizhny Novgorod region. According Pchelintseva, during the meeting the staff threatened him with death, offered to "work" freelance informant demanded cease to act against any civilian activities. Among other threats, promise to create problems for his family.

After this conversation Pchelintsev written complaint and took it to the leadership of the regional police department. The response to the complaint was not long in coming.

At present, children are Buzanova Pchelintseva and urban children's hospital. Parents to children are not allowed. 7 days after the confiscation of children from the family of the guardianship must file a lawsuit on the limitation or termination of parental rights to the selected children.

Officials said Pchelintsev prepare for such litigation. Moreover, in their words, he realized that he had already known the result of the trial: Pchelintsev Buzanova and will be limited in the parental rights to children. And then, would be deprived of parental rights if it does not hold a month repair room, not to purchase additional toys, books, bed and board. It should be noted that this "remedial" family law indicates a period of six months.

Recall that recently a resident of the Leningrad region guardianship selected four children because of debts of rent. Kolpino resident Vera Kamkina be deprived of parental rights. The suit has already been sent to the court, "Ekho Moscow to St. Petersburg."

Guardianship authorities took a 34-year-old Kamkina children, including the fact that she owed about 140,000 rent. Now one of the large communities and foster families is raising money to help the woman get out of debt. Supposedly, in this case, it will return the children. However, things are not so simple. According to the St. Petersburg Ombudsman for Children Svetlana Agapitova, which referred to the position of guardianship Kolpinskaya, arrears of rent and the lack of child support — not the only reasons that the family was on the brink of destruction:

"According to the guardianship, of course, the situation is ambiguous. And it's not just uncollected rent. The fact that the family was under control, under supervision for quite a long time, and, of course, there is a room where there are four children and herself Vera, unsanitary conditions. Negotiated with her about that she turned the elementary order in the room, but these talks did not produce until his action. Moreover, the children were offered and trips to the camp, and the unit in kindergarten, but the kids had found lice, and the medical board has not been passed. Has filed a claim for deprivation of her parental rights. "

Faith is a matter of interest Kamkina Russian children's rights commissioner Pavel Astakhov.

Debtors for housing child put

Juvenile justice has come to Moscow to pick up children shelters "preventive"

In the metropolitan area of Warm camp Southwestern District guardianship October 26 seized from single mothers 9-year-old daughter. Social workers arrived at the school and took the child after school, according to the girl's mother, she was not made aware, and look for the daughter she had to own. Followed by a two-week "overexposure" of the child in the hospital.
Now Sabine Grishina is a social shelter "Zyuzino" — it takes and children from the area, "Teply Stan". Her mother, Julia hopes that OPEC will leave her daughter with her: a way to influence the situation in her left.

This is not the first example of a working "juvenile justice" in Moscow, and in some other regions of Russia campaign "taking away" of children is under way. In order to understand who is in the "high risk" in terms of custody and whose children, respectively, can today or tomorrow to withdraw from the family, is a detailed look at the situation of Julia and Sabine Grishin.

— The whole story began in the spring of this year when after a nervous breakdown, I briefly went to a psychiatric hospital — says "SP" Julia Grishina. — I was totally unaware of what was coming to check me trouble. According to Julia, registered in the IPA did not put it — but, it turns out, six months after treatment, the patient had to be tested. "When I came, they gave the paper to the police — said Grishin. — On the basis of this paper and took Sabina. "

It happened on October 26. Julia came to the girl in the school number 1657, where she was told that the Third-Sabine with her social worker waits in the municipality, in the office 12. "He went there — says Grishina Sr. — and I said that Sabina actually selected employees of ATS is in the hospital and I am not allowed contact with the child."

Sabina now awaits their fate at the shelter Zyuzino where the mother is seen with her on Tuesdays, Wednesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays. November 25 issue of whether there will be Sabina and her mother, the Board of Trustees will decide the area in the presence of Julia. "All the documents to prove that I'm healthy and everything is in order, I already sent them" — says Grishin.

According to Julie, there are three moments that social workers have paid for them with her daughter attention. First, they are — one-parent family. Second, Julia — a painter, working for private orders for repair of apartments, and money they have to Sabina, so there is, but formally Grishina unemployed.

And the most serious — a duty to the District Maintenance Service for community services. "Indeed, I have arrears of rent — recognizes Julia. — Approximately 100 thousand, in 2006. All the time I was paying a little — but then, the debt has accumulated. " In the Magistrate's Court, however, this debt is already "was settled" with a representative of Maintenance Service, — she says. "I was scheduled installments on these payments, the debt for a period of scattered. I have since regularly pays. "

School № 1657 browser "SP" confirmed that Sabina Grishin really took away from their school, but declined to comment further. But agreed to talk with the publication of the head of the district board of trustees, "Teply Stan" Hope Zelenskaya with direct knowledge of the situation from the social services:

"SP": — Tell me about the situation with Grishin, as seen by the guardianship?

— The situation is, frankly, ambivalent. And mom unfavorable. It is registered in the police station for several years. Working with her was carried out on all sides — but, unfortunately, it occasionally falls into a state binge. The child was often the neighbors in the same house — and understandably so, when my mother is in such a state. Periodically because of Sabine did not attend school. In general, the compromising material on Yulia abound.

"SP": — You acknowledge that the staff care seized the girl right out of school?

— Sabina ATS seized by order — in this case, the stress, it was not our initiative. Was the document, according to which the situation in the family is alleged to constitute a threat to life and health of the child. Now the girl is in a county shelter Zyuzino.

"SP": — What are the prospects of solving the problem?

— This question will just be resolved at the meeting of the Supervisory Board, and while it is not a deprivation of parental rights Yulia Grishina. While talk about this, I repeat, do not go. Although, of course, the council may make a variety of suggestions. But, in principle, we believe that with my mother is still quite far away to work. And we will work.

"SP": — However, pending the decision of the girl did not live at home, and in a shelter. Guardianship agencies do have the right to withdraw just like that of children?

— The fact is that when there are documents about the threat to the life and health of a child coming from the family environment — we have the right to remove the child from the family, no matter where he was. Including the school. And in this case it was the prescription of the Interior, is not our decision. And every reason to withdraw, as I said, we have had.

Strange account

"This situation is very similar to others I've also been doing a long time" — said the "joint venture" Anna, a blogger who writes on LiveJournal nick ann_eg. In an interview with columnist Anna edition drew parallels between the case of Julia and Sabine Grishin and family scandal Kuznetsov. November 2 guardianship without presenting any documents seized Nina Kuznetsova five children, aged from 3 to 12 years. Arguments of social services was — no repairs, uncollected, neglazhenoe laundry, empty the refrigerator, says Anna. In addition, there has been and is still the same debt on public services. This time, nearly 200 thousand and accumulated in eight years — as stated in the receipts Maintenance Service.

According to people who visited the house of the Kuznetsov, repairs carried out in an apartment just at a time when social workers came to inspect the situation. Empty fridge explains how she commented Kuznetsova, that the family purchased products every day and does not make stock. As for the apartment receipts — the amount of the debt, according to independent experts, may be significantly overstated — the proceedings are underway in this regard.

Kuznetsova ended the story with so far successfully — the commission for minors decided to return to Nina. Who is responsible for the wrongful removal of children — it turns out. Even the repairs in the apartment Kuznetsova now help finish numerous sympathizers.

However, a problem with the fact that sometimes the guardianship of "preventive" select children from parents whose disadvantage is confirmed facts such as debt to pay for public services — is growing every month, and now the theme of "juvenile justice" is one of the most acute in Russia's social agenda.

Award for trouble

Relevance of the topic is explained by the fact that already know of several cases in which children tried to take the parents under the same as that of Grishina, the pretext of "threats to life and health of a child" — and in fact, as many suspect, to influence parents , out of the game a number of young oppositionists.

The most famous case of this series — it Pchelintseva of Dzerzhinsk region. February 12, 2010 to Sergei Pchelintsev and his wife Lydia Buzanova broke the police and stated that the actions of the inspection for minors, without any legal grounds seized children. As evidence of threat to life and health of the children was presented as follows: the family were settled administration in a dorm room with poor living conditions, the eldest son, 3.5 years old, eating dumplings, not soup with meat and vegetables, the youngest daughter, 6 months , ate rice porridge with milk, and not a specialized formula for children's diets. In addition, the children slept on a regular sofa, and not on the specific cribs, and their parents had at 3 instead of 5 sets of clothes for each child.

If what tell Pchelintseva — true, such claims can be applied to most of the poor Russian families with young children. And the fact that choose this family is due, according to many human rights activists, simply: Pchelintseva actively participate in the left, the protest movement of Dzerzhinsk, organize Komsomol cells and so on. "Of course, this was done to silence us" — said in an interview with "SP" he Sergey — I participated in the Komsomol organization of summer camps in the campaign against illegal fees from the students, in the struggle against the dismissal of workers from the "Strip" pickets in solidarity with the workers of "AvtoVAZ" in some other public campaigns. " In December 2009, he was threatened with his family troubles.

In other cases, some care workers and guided by selfish motives — so they say to each other's parents. Say, at risk, as told to "SP" Alina B., mother of the child with severe congenital brain damage, are almost all families with a "complicated" children. "To me one of the raided inspection of care — says Alina. — That is the apartment to us no one came, either from me or my husband and I did not speak, did not see the child, but questioned the neighbors above and below — though we rarely see. " Alina suggests that social workers act on the "signal", which came from a neighbor.

Meanwhile, she says, in the case of children with disabilities, the district authorities may be interested in the removal of children. The fact is that often the children who have no prospect of becoming capable, legally own the shares in the real estate owned by the family. Therefore, by states or state-appointed citizens over such children passes the management of a lot of money.

Like it or not — but having such a plausible version on the reasons for the active work of the guardianship, many are afraid of social workers. And believe rumors that, for example, in Perm "yuvenalschiki" hire students, so that they go from door to door and to identify problem families. Thus for the identified families they are paid, and for the "false calls" — no …

Note: own representation of protection, as well as police officers dealing with juveniles, can cite many examples where the practice of preventive removal of a child from a broken family — certainly the lesser evil compared to the expectation of the court decision. For example, as telling the browser "SP" inspectors OPDN a Moscow police department, a typical situation in which each district scores, is this: a mother prone to bad habits and the father abandoned the child (ren), finds a new husband — "The Graduate" correctional facilities. After that, the lives of children, and without that not too happy, turns into hell with beatings, rape and other such criminal act. Typically, these children pay attention in school, when they are there with bruises.

In such cases immediately to withdraw children from these "families" a must — one can hardly dispute it. But the tragedy of the current situation is that none of the parents can be sure that tomorrow — by mistake, someone's public or private order — do not come to school for his children. Because in the custody of authorities work very different people. And the law in Russia today is a little hope.

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