In Russia expands the powers of intelligence services

Russian Federation Council approved a bill that extends the powers of the FSB — Federal Security Service. Intelligence agencies have the right to issue a warning about the inadmissibility of certain actions, administrative liability for failure to obey the lawful demand of the FSB.

The bill has already passed the three hearings in the State Duma of Russia, now, after approval by the upper house of the Federal Assembly he goes to the president for his signature. It should be noted that recently, Dmitry Medvedev said the law was proposed to them. All stages of the discussion of the law were accompanied by loud protests of the Russian public.

"I believe that this innovation — the most significant, the most blatant attempt on the rights of citizens in recent years — said one of the participants in public protests Boris Pustyntsav, human rights activist, by the way, a member of the Council on Human Rights the President of the Russian Federation. — It's a return to the old KGB-dominated practices. These guys seems as if time has really gone back. So we have agreed with our colleagues from the human rights community, if we get this warning in the mail, then immediately return it back and go to court about the gross violation of our constitutional rights. Even in Soviet times, when we have received similar warnings, we react to them accordingly: simply did not accept. The consequences were different, up to the heaviest, but we can not recognize the practice of law. "

And what kind of practice in this regard in Belarus?

"We have a law on the KGB has the right to issue warnings to citizens, if there is information that they can break the law by their actions — said the Belarusian human rights activist Valentin Stefanovich. — By the way, we have the right to make such warnings have also Prosecutor and the Interior Ministry. This is seen as a measure of a preventive nature. We in Belarus are many cases where prevention of the KGB and the prosecution used in the socio-political sphere. The prosecutor's office in its time a warning about the inadmissibility of violating article "The discrediting the Republic of Belarus", this is especially true during the presidential campaign. Such warnings imposed Milinkevich and Irina Khalip.

Intelligence agencies often use these warnings to persecute political opponents and independent journalists. Great danger from these actions is not, so in the end not the beginning criminal case. But if humans are caused by preventive conversation, and then take out a formal written warning, then it is an additional psychological pressure on people.

Despite all the conflict between Moscow and Minsk, on accusations of Belarusian special services that sound on Russian TV channels, largely Russian creatively develops Belarusian experience.

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