In Russia, the hearings will be broadcast online

The President of Russia has approved in principle the idea of online broadcasting of all public court proceedings. How quickly the idea embodied in life?

Even today, anyone can find online videos from the sessions of the Constitutional and Supreme Arbitration Court of Russia, whose chairman Anton Ivanov offered to go ahead and enter the live broadcasts from the courtroom. With this initiative, he made the day before, during a meeting with the president of Russia. Dmitry Medvedev, this idea is generally liked:

— The modern court should be open to public scrutiny, more accessible to citizens. I remind you that since July 1, this year into law on access to information about the activities of the courts. It is necessary that this law is widely and properly executed. Broadcast of the trial — a good topic. I believe there must so. If our esteemed courts are ready for this, to ensure that the open court trials broadcast live, post them online, it's very good — said Dmitry Medvedev.

The modern court must be open to public scrutiny, are more accessible to citizens

According to the head — the administrator of the Supreme Arbitration Court of Russia Igor Drozdov, online broadcasting of the sessions of the court will be available by September, but we can hardly expect the same from vvishnastsi judges of general jurisdiction:

— The judges, of course, conservative. When we decided to put the court acts on the Internet, and many were skeptical about this, not like this. All the more so, that it required a restructuring of the entire work of the judges in the organization. The same thing, in my opinion, and with videatranslyatsyyami. We do not plan to broadcast the meeting of all the ships. It is about meeting the higher courts. And I want to say that we can already see on the Internet the bureaux. Another thing is that while this is not a direct translation, and recording. But the judges have already mentally prepared, they know that they are removed. So far, no serious objections from the judges, we have not seen. Perhaps it will eventually even increase the quality of the representatives participating in our processes, as it is often very different. Maybe it will make a judicial process more carefully chosen representatives.

Experts do not rule out that the introduction of the practice videatranslyatsyyav Court judges will help get rid of the accusatory bias in sentencing. Today, just under 98 percent of convictions — convictions.

The judges have already mentally prepared, they know that they are removed.

In the Justice Department under the Supreme Court of Russia confirmed that the courts, at least, territorial and regional level now have the technical capability to broadcast the hearings on the Internet. And if it be given the go-ahead, following the proceedings from the comfort of home, it will be possible tomorrow.

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