In the Chilean sky observed a strange object

July 15, 2012 12:44

Object like a meteor, seen in the Chilean sky had had called UFOs.  Photo:

Object like a meteor, seen in the Chilean sky had had called UFOs. Photo:

Tuesday, 10 July, one of the representatives of the Chilean National Emergency Mario Ernandes said that early in the morning appeared in the sky looking forward beam, who published a lot of noise during the move.

According Ernandesa, we can talk about the unusual phenomenon of nature, or meteorite. Many residents also observed this phenomenon and even managed to take a picture. Many photos can be seen in the Internet. Stranger is the fact that no air radar is not fixed object.

In addition, the command pilot of one aircraft is also reported that there was unusual in the sky moving object. The local authorities do not jump to conclusions. But the public attributes the phenomenon of UFOs.

Directorate General of Civil Aviation of Chile declares that the study of the phenomenon will be entrusted to a special committee, consisting of experts in the field of paranormal phenomena in the air. Commission and will issue a verdict on the basis of photographs, video footage and eyewitness testimony.

In order to have a complete picture of the Bole of the incident, all the available information will be forwarded to many centers in the world, specializing in the study of air events for the issue of scientific explanation. As is always said in such cases, to ensure that study the phenomenon, take a long time. We can only wait.

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