In the gigantic holes can accommodate lunar alien base

Spacecraft NASA Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter has provided the most detailed pictures of the two huge holes in the lunar surface. According to the experts, they are like black holes that penetrate through the satellite, and their study is important for science.

According to scientists, the dark gaps could be formed due to the destruction of lava tubes beneath the surface. Due to external influences may impact meteorite rock collapsed inside, creating a fairly smooth and deep dip. In other words, this is the cave, which has fallen off the ceiling, which gives the opportunity to explore the deep, normally inaccessible rock layers.

One of these holes — Marius Hills, which was engaged in the study of Japanese probe SELENE / Kaguya. Her dimeter reaches 65 meters and estimated depth — 88 meters. That's enough to hide, for example, the White House.

Another hole Mare Ingenii, which is almost twice as much. And the most surprising — it is located in an area where there is a small number of signs of volcanic activity.

According to scientists from Carnegie Mellon University, similar formations on the lunar surface can help in space exploration. For example, they can be accommodated with a lunar base sites to test the methods to search for life on Mars.

It should be noted that the failure to make detailed pictures of the rather difficult. Here LRO was lucky, he was able to "catch" the desired angle of incidence of the sun's rays illuminate the bottom of failure. Currently experts are mainly engaged in the modeling of volcanic formations on the moon. It is noted that now the accuracy of the simulated experiment is 92%, which is far superior to the results obtained directly from the spacecraft.

Information about lunar holes will be very useful in the design of space bases on the Moon.

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