In the Krasnodar region traces the legendary Aryans

Photo: Ivan Zhuravlev / Yugopolis

Photo: Ivan Zhuravlev / Yugopolis

On the Taman Peninsula archaeologists found traces of the burial rite, pointing to the fact that the legendary aria — historical peoples of ancient Iran and India, which have noble qualities and amazing power — lived in the Northern Black Sea.

During the excavation of the necropolis, located next to the Hellenistic temple of Demeter at the Taman Peninsula, scientists are faced with the following surprising funeral rites relating to the "barbarian" tribes of Sindh, which may have become the descendants of the Aryans.

Sanctuary of Demeter scientists at the Institute of Archaeology in Moscow, with the assistance of the "Fund" Archaeology "dig for 2 nd year. In their recently discovered graves cemetery they found evidence suggestive that in ancient times the local Sindhi population existed ritual is very similar to the one that now can be seen in modern Tibet. Rite is called "Sky burial", when the body of a deceased person is cut and exposed to be devoured by vultures.

Some scientists previously attributed to the descendants of the legendary Sindi Aryans. Like it or not, will be able to shed light only large-scale excavations. At the same time as the director of development of the "Fund Archaeology" Oleg Markov, scientists and fund their own accounts to guard against robbers and a unique temple of Demeter, and Sindhi necropolis near it.

3 months ago excavations in Taman visiting Russian Prime Minister Vladimir Putin said in an interview that he agrees with the scientists who believe that the need to preserve the archaeological heritage and introduce people to the fact that we have.

— Apparently, — says Oleg Markov archaeologist — words premier accepted only members of excavations, as any treatment as local authorities and the Ministry of Interior no results. If so it goes on, then introduce guests Krasnodar region will not be anything.

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