In the north of the Krasnoyarsk region will be small aircraft

Contracts have already been signed their supply, 5 of them will arrive at the beginning of 2012 — Minister of Industry and Energy of the edge Denis Pashkov.


On a conference call Russian Emergency Situations Minister Sergei Shoigu also discussed the overhaul of the road Norilsk — Dudinka and the creation of the Arctic rescue center in Dudinka. Airline tickets for flights to the edge will not become more expensive. November 10, Prime Minister of the Russian Government Vladimir You know who signed a decree on the establishment of the state enterprise "Airports of the Krasnoyarsk", and the price of airport services will be reduced.

A commercial company will be able to buy new planes with state support. Previously, it did not allow the federal legislation, but with the support of Sergei Shoigu, he made the changes, they allow companies to pay the lease payments. All of this brings a new level of development of small aircraft in the region. Industry Minister tells what new directions will appear shortly.

Denis PASHKOV: "Aircraft A-410 on the direction of the Lower Angara region, where today there is no passenger service. This Motygino, Kodinsk, Eniseisk and nearby towns. Restoration of air services "

Already at the beginning of next year will be on the north edge 5 aircraft in the 2nd half put 4 more. The new planes will replace the old An-24 and An-26 and will be flown not only to the edge of the city, but also in the surrounding areas — Kemerovo Oblast, Khakassia, Tuva. In the near future for Canada and the U.S. will leave the working group, it will select models of equipment operating in these countries under similar conditions. In August of the following year to appear in Dudinka Arctic rescue center. Therefore, the state minister Airport Dixon cares especially: the runway ready to take planes, but the road Norilsk — Dudinka need of major repairs. Its sorry state minister appreciated in person during a visit to the region in the past week. The situation is complicated by the fact that the most problematic part of the road — Dudinka — Alykel — is under federal jurisdiction. In general, the need to repair the road about 3 billion rubles.

Sergei Shoigu: "Yesterday I spoke on this issue with the Minister of Transport Igor Livitin, he is ready to fully support the way Norilsk — Dudinka, because it is directly related to security in the region"

Road repair is scheduled to begin next year and finish in full within 3 years. That it did not last for a longer period, Shoigu demanded in the shortest possible time to execute documents for the transfer of the road to the regional submission.

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