In the Odessa region bloody river

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Residents of the district center Sarath Odessa region seriously concerned about the tricks that throws their local river. Twice — in the autumn of last year and this spring — the water in it was painted in blood red, which gave rise to and generates a lot of the most incredible rumors and speculation. Wrote about the incident on June 1 internet portal " — Odessa Odessa news today, yesterday and tomorrow."

"Both times it was after the rains — told" Duma, "local resident Irina Stoykova. — People are talking at once, that there was an environmental disaster — say, a company merged into the water toxic waste. And someone even suggested that the river came the components of rocket fuel — at the Union upstream were military bases, it is possible that the fighters kept something like that. "

It got to the point of absurdity. One of Saratsky religious organizations announced that the red water — a sign, and soon, they say, is coming apocalypse. The clergy parishioners cite the relevant passages from "Revelations" John: "The third angel poured out his bowl on the rivers and springs of water, and they became blood."

Local authorities were looking for the cause of the anomaly, but in vain. "Over the problem and experts fought sanitary station, and environmentalists, but to what they did not come — lamenting the district council head Viktor Cheremis. — Suspected plant food products — not whether he dropped into the water some food coloring. The company carefully checked several times, but could not prove anything. So, the mystery remains unsolved. "

In the near future the problem Saratsky "red tide" has to take a new commission — this time the regional.

Note that the environmental condition of the river has long been unsatisfactory. In the area of the village is narrow and shallow, constantly silting, exuding a whole bunch of "flavors", and the smell of stagnant water is added fecal smell because of poorly treated sewage (wastewater treatment plants require long reconstruction). A small river dries up in summer.

During the Soviet era were working on straightening and deepening the channel of Saratov, but they stopped at 30 km above the village on the river. Three years ago, engaged in clearing the downstream side of the sea and the lake Sasyk, but due to lack of funding process was also not brought to an end.


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