In the skies over Engels witnesses videotaped falling meteorite

Object like a comet frightened townspeople waiting doomsday

The hype around the predicted Mayan doomsday continues to grow. With a strong desire signs of the apocalypse can be found in everything. But the object appeared in the sky above the frightened townspeople Engels really in earnest. Information about this appeared yesterday in the network.

Around 17 pm, witnesses saw an unidentified object, and even made it to the video.

— He appeared in the "Steal of the city" (New Village poplar). My friends and I have noticed a strange object in the sky burning. The blessing was on hand camera. Closer and found that the object like a comet, — says an eyewitness.

In the video, which appeared on YouTube, clearly visible two fiery tail falling object. Official confirmation of the truth of this fact is not received.

— We were no such reports have been reported — said employees EMERCOM in the Saratov region. — So it's probably someone's joke.

True, perhaps, for the beginning of the end of the world people have taken flight Engels quite unidentified flying object. Recall that near the Engels air base located near the Air Force. But it did not comment on the incident.

We can only guess whether actually in the sky over Engels strange object, or someone decided to take advantage of opportunity to scare the citizens.

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