In the sky in Kazan had a strange glow — VIDEO

March 11, 2012 10:32

In the sky, Kazan, an unusual glow. For several days, end of the world can be seen above the shopping center "XL".

And if you equip your camcorder or camera phone, you can see a glowing sphere, surrounded by rings of different colors, covering almost the whole range of colors. If you look at this phenomenon, without any equipment, you can see a very bright star, which moves in a certain framework and changes its color from bright white to blue and even taking color of flamingos.

One witness, who was one of the first to notice the glow in the sky in Kazan, said that was associated with the clairvoyant, who lives in the Altai. And here it is, according to Alexei, described the phenomenon as a plasmoid (plasmoid — plasma clot, limited configuration of magnetic fields and plasma).

Video captured by eyewitnesses, was sent to experts in the study of UFO-Kosmopoisk Kazan Institute. So they studied the material, assured that nothing of the kind they do not occur in nature. After receiving a storyboard video, discovered that there is little scope loop. None of the scientists can not give a final opinion on this phenomenon. Some are inclined, it's just a gas, other claim that an optical illusion. But the fact that this is not a plasmoid, scientists claim to have one vote. They are more like white spots, or snowflakes.

Ufologists claim that they had to deal with the UFO different colors, but the kind, had never seen. But once the glow for a few days is at one and the same place, are more inclined to the earthly origin of this phenomenon.

The most acceptable explanation of ufology think that this is just a trick of the light from being built near the stadium.

But how to explain that the stadium at night is not so bright that from him would get glimpses of the sky with such force glow. And no matter how cold is not invoked.

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