In the southern Urals to invest $ 6 billion in the pig

The company "Romkor" plans to build in the Trinity area of the Chelyabinsk region pig international value 6 billion rubles. Construction will begin in June 2012. The project involves the construction of fattening complex design capacity of 250,000 hogs and pedigree reproducers at 10,000 head of breeding stock.

According to the plans, "Romkor", the first batch of pigs fattening fall in refining in November 2015, and in 2016 the first phase is expected to reach full capacity. The new pig farm will be equipped with modern equipment, mainly produced in Austria. It is based on the Austrian technology for growing and fattening. 

The Russian authorities are obliged to protect the domestic pig and poultry from the negative consequences of joining the World Trade Organization and to provide opportunities for the continuation of the unprecedented "boom", which is experiencing both the industry, said the Prime Minister Vladimir Putin. 

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