In the Stavropol region completed the harvest

In the Stavropol region ended the harvest: harvested 6.2 million tons of grain yield more than 30 tons per hectare, reported on July 25, the Ministry of Agriculture edge. 

82 percent received this year, the province's grain — high, the quality of the food. The best cleaning results showed Novoaleksandrovsky area where harvested more than 415 million tons of grain. More than 360,000 tons produced in Budennovsk area, more than 350 thousand tons in Ipatovsk and Soviet areas. First of yield — Kochubeevsky area: 52 quintals per hectare.

With the end of the harvest of rural workers congratulated the governor of Stavropol Territory Valery Zerenkov.

"Our region is once again confirmed his title barns Russia! Labour farmer is one of the most difficult, but one of the most respected on the ground, and I say a sincere" Thank you! "Stavropol agricultural workers for every day of harvest, for the strength and soul invested in crop grown in each ear and tucked away "- said in a congratulatory message.

Now the edge of farms continues cleaning other cultures. Forecast for a good harvest, noted in the Agriculture Ministry.

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