In the UK came cyclone

In the UK came cycloneAlmost all UK since yesterday in the grip of a very extensive North Atlantic cyclone that came from Iceland. This cyclone by tomorrow will cover the area from Reykjavik to Stockholm.

While the effect of the active vortex effect in the British Isles in a marked enhancement of wind, but the rains will start soon, which on Tuesday will be everywhere. Winds are currently the strongest in Scotland, where the closer to the center of the cyclone, the wind force reaches 25-26 m / s.

In the north of Scotland this morning the wind increased to a hurricane, up to 36 m / s. More and 18 October the British Isles will be in the area of large differences in atmospheric pressure, so the wind will be celebrated in the camp is a whole day.

On Tuesday and Wednesday, very strong winds and heavy rains will cover and the Scandinavian countries. Most heavy rains are expected in Norway, where the cyclone to the environment will lose speed and become inactive, in the fjords of this country winds can reach hurricane force.

Cyclone will be on the north of Scandinavia until Friday.

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