In the Urals have been teaching on a scuba tank driving

In the district training center for junior specialists of the Central Military District Elan started driving lessons in scuba tanks. Each year, the center trained over 8,000 junior officers for the Army — driver, gunner, commander of combat vehicles — almost all of Russia.

According to the press service of the Central Military District, for the first time during such employment, a system of surveillance over the actions of the crew. Image captured from several points, the broadcast is archived and played back on widescreen monitors. The system allows to analyze in detail the actions of tankers, identify and demonstrate to them the mistakes made during exercise.

First, students are trained in a specially equipped vododromah — learn to use the isolated gas masks to breathe and move under water, to make decisions in the event of flooding of the tank. Then, having passed the tests and completing preparations for the cross water barriers, cadets regional training center, using the equipment to guide the water, start to overcome the river Pishma. By the way, one of the tanks at this time really stalled in the middle of the river — had to pull the trailer.

Because of the large number of rivers and lakes in the Urals and Volga regions in the training program for tank crews to overcome water obstacles is given special attention — they create serious obstacles to military action and movement, and this ability depends largely on the success of missions. Distinguished themselves on the teachings of the students received gifts — watch "Commander."


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