In the Urals opened cure hepatitis C

Protein alpha-fetoprotein will be used as the main component for a cure for hepatitis C. These are the latest findings of the Ural scientists. In Novoural'sk finishes the construction of factories and laboratories for processing drugs, recruited professional staff and are made all the papers.

Corresponding Member of the Russian Academy of Natural Sciences, Ural scientist Sergei Rodionov said that the research was done in 1987. "We are creating a completely new drug," Profetal ", based on the protein alpha-fetoprotein, which displays the virus from the cells into the blood, and then the virus will affect interferon, ultimately cured of hepatitis C could be a month," — says Sergey Rodionov .

Now the treatment of hepatitis C lasts about a year. Patients taking the drug for two with severe side effects. The new development will cure hepatitis C, as well as other serious viral infections, in just one month, the joint course will cost around 60-70 thousand rubles.

"This is not a fairy tale, everything that we promise — we will do, development completed, the equipment is purchased, we are dedicated to the fight against hepatitis C, an incurable herpes virus and HIV," — said the head of the Ural pharmaceutical cluster Alexander Petrov.

In the development of the drug made a great contribution to the fund "Skolkovo". In general the construction of six laboratories and workshops for the production of other substances in the Novoural'sk "Skolkovo" has invested 400 million rubles. Total for the purchase of high-tech equipment and the construction of the factory premises spent 960 million rubles.

Ural scientists hope that by 2012 it will be possible to start production of the drug "Profetal" on the Russian and international markets.

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