In the Urals opened Emerald Room

Unique exhibition "The Emerald Room", which presents about 450 exhibits from Gokhran Russia and several Russian museums, including the Hermitage and the Moscow Kremlin, was opened in Yekaterinburg. 

According to the director of the museum of history lapidary and jewelry Hope Pakhomov, the exhibition presents about 450 exhibits. This emeralds, including the first, found in the 30-ies of the XIX century, which were the property of Nicholas I. In addition, the audience will show alexandrite, beryl, aquamarine.

From the collection of the Kremlin, she said, on May 23, will bring to the Urals eight rare objects, including works by Faberge, about 30 exhibits produced at the Hermitage. From the collection of the federal Mineralogical Museum named Fersman Sciences will present the unique Druze of crystals of alexandrite 22, an employee of the museum has added Nina Mokhov.

According to Pakhomov, the organization of the exhibition has been allocated 4.68 million rubles, about 2 million of them have gone to purchase items. Oleg Gubkin said that the money for the exhibition have been allocated from the regional budget.

According to the Minister of Culture of the regional government, the exhibition will run at the residence of the governor of the region until November 2013. Gubkin said that the provincial government will work hard to make this a permanent exhibition.

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