In the Urals, the production launched robots

Production process at the FSUE "" October " now run by robots.

In the workshop for the production of small parts of body are four robotic complex Finnish company Fastems. The equipment will increase the level of automation and provide machining of parts in a "deserted" production.

Delivery and commissioning of robots in operation the company has carried out "Pumori-engineering invest."

Robotic modules RPC-20 combined in one system four lathes LT 2000 EX Corporation of Japan OKUMA. This system served by a robot (manipulator), which provides automatic operation for the algorithm specified in the program — from the transfer of the workpiece spindle protivoshpindelya and load it into the machine to produce the finished part. The operator only serves blank in the reception area and gets machined parts. Thus, a complete production cycle with minimal participation in the employee. The manipulator is equipped with changing grips. The robot chooses the right size grip in the store based on the type and dimensions of manufactured parts. Each robot is equipped with an automatic cell changer grips, which allow adjustment in seconds.

The advantages of using automated systems are obvious.

  • First, significantly improved product quality by eliminating the influence of the human factor in industries requiring high precision.
  • Second, reduced labor costs, reduced the number of staff at the expense of achieving maximum utilization of equipment around the clock.
  • Third, the employee is released from unskilled and monotonous labor of time-consuming operations.

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