In the VIII century, Earth was struck mysterious cosmic ray


An unexplained astronomical event happened 12 centuries ago, according to data obtained by Japanese scientists in the study of long-lived trees, says the magazine Nature.

Fusa Miyake and his colleagues at the University of Nagoya studied carbon-14 (C14) in the wood of Japanese cedar trees. To his surprise, they found that between 774 and 775 years, trees have radiation, 1.2 percent higher than the background rate. For comparison — usually annual variation in the content of radioactive carbon does not exceed 0.05 percent.

Next cosmic rays

Radiocarbon is produced by bombarding atomic nuclei of atmospheric nitrogen by neutrons of cosmic rays — beams of elementary particles of extraterrestrial origin. C14 refers to the number of radioisotopes that are produced in all types of nuclear explosions. He absorbed during photosynthesis trees and leaves his "signature" in the annual rings.

Scientists have made the experience: they took the ring-lived cedars and traced how they changed the number of the isotope C14. Then built the curve fluctuations in the intensity of cosmic rays over this period and checked it with the concentration of the isotope beryllium-10 in the column of ice, raised in drilling in Antarctica. The isotope of beryllium is also formed in the atmosphere by cosmic rays. For greater accuracy, the results were compared with the level of C14 in the trees of North America and Europe. The data studied by Japanese scientists refer to the period a total of 10 thousand years.

Flash — one or several?

What to do with the result, it is not clear to anyone. "I can not imagine a single flash of radiation that would be so bright" — told the U.S. magazine New Scientist Igor Moskalenko, an astrophysicist at Stanford University, who was not involved in the study. "Most likely, for one — three years, there was a series of relatively weak flares."

According to Miyake, an ideal candidate for the mysterious trail of radiation could be a supernova, but such an event would be preserved in the historical memory. After a supernova explosion — this is the biggest disaster that could happen with the star. For example, a supernova that exploded in our Milky Way in 1054, was well discernible even in the daytime. However, there is no clear indication that such an event, which would apply to the 770-th year. Another explanation — the impact of solar flares, but then, this outbreak was to be "more powerful than anything that we know of," I'm sure a Japanese scientist.

Something must have happened in the universe and humans knew about it, says paleodendrolog Michael Bailey, of Queens University, Belfast (United Kingdom). He points out that the English chronicler Roger of Wendover in the 13th century, wrote: "In the 776 year of our Lord showed terrible signs in the sky." Why, then, other historical sources are silent on this show? Bailey and his colleagues will try to answer this question in a new study.

Ufologists have developed the idea of Igor Moskalenko in his side. And suggested: The Earth accidentally fell into a kind of star wars. Was on the firing line, which were alien ships warring civilizations. Fired at each other from the gamma lasers. And we are a little bit hooked.

There are less warlike hypothesis. And also from the UFO. It is based on the research of the American astronomer Harris, who in 1986 tried to prove that gamma-ray bursts — and the long and short — is the result of movement of spaceships, working on antimatter. A gamma-ray photons appear in the annihilation of antimatter with our — the usual. The spaceship, getting energy to move from time to time produces such explosions.

Harris even tried to trace a series of gamma-ray bursts lie on the same line. He assured that this — the trajectory of the alien ship. Scientists have counted as many as 134 such path — say the movement in the universe is very busy.

So maybe 1237 years ago, the Earth starship touched exhausts, which carried out maneuvers with us?

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