In the village Vypova flies a UFO?

July 16, 2012 20:56

The village has its own Vypova anomalous zone. It starts right at the foot of the hill and continues on up the hill. According to the locals, every year they see here, unidentified flying objects. They usually appear in the fall and winter. Still figuring out the nature of this phenomenon no one could.

Alexandra Zhizhina was accustomed to visits by visitors from parallel worlds. The surprising phenomenon is observed over a decade.

ALEXANDER Zhizhina, villager Vypova (Suzdal district):
This appears at 11, in the 12th floor, when the evening come out — the red ball! Bright-bright-bright. And when are moving forward to meet him, he, like, close-close-close — and suddenly disappears.

One day after a visit to the UFO woman decided to conduct its own investigation. It was winter. In the early morning skiing Alexandra went to the place where the night saw an unidentified object. Plain walked up and down. No traces of aliens. Snow cover was completely untouched, though the storm was observed at night. However, the route of the extraterrestrial villager knows better than the alien navigator.

— It is because of this hill is usually on the right which. And then closer, closer, closer, and then moves begins to increase. This ball starts to blush, blush! The radiation is coming! Rays are very noticeable!

When Irina Shelyanin moved here with her husband, the stories about aliens made her only skeptical smile: "You never know who that imagined it." But one case forced to think seriously about the veracity of popular rumor.

IRINA Shelyanin, villager Vypova (Suzdal district):
One day, a neighbor passed the garden path. Come along, and suddenly from the pond saw a moving object, the sound was not, but it is the impression that was flying at a height of five feet. Naturally, we were frightened, began to run home, rushed home — only heels sparkled.

Surprisingly, this time the UFO visited villagers in the summer, which has never happened before. In addition, the form of the object resembled not a giant ball and trapeze. Perhaps it was a different alien race.

Roman Zhuravsky Igor Gankov.

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