In the Zaporozhye region lightning killed a woman

In the Zaporozhye region lightning killed a woman

According tragedy occurred in the small town of Zaporozhye region. Suddenly whipped up storm caught a 44-year resident of Volnyansk out. The woman went to work, when suddenly it started to rain. Though not heavy, but still pretty cool. Not to vymoknut the woman ran under a tree. All the while she was under him, talking on a cell phone.

— Device, most likely caused the tragedy — note Volnyansk rescuers. — He played the role of a lightning rod, which was struck by lightning.

Seeing how a woman falls, passersby tried to give her first aid, doing CPR, but the victim did not come to mind. Medics arrived on the scene quickly, but by the time the woman was already dead.

Details of the incident are now trying to find out law enforcement. And rescuers recall that during the storm is not something that you can not talk on cell phones, and generally keep them on. You also can not hide under the trees, especially high — better to wait out the storm in areas where you need to turn off electrical appliances and not to stand by the windows and doors, not to touch the taps. You also need to avoid the draft, so as not to draw a fireball.

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