In Yamal, a regional cancer center

First on the Yamal Peninsula Regional Cancer Center as part of program to modernize the health care system opened on the basis Salekhard District Hospital, said on Friday, the press service of the governor of the autonomous area.

It is noted that at the present time for the center acquired the necessary medical equipment and drugs, including chemotherapy. These are the drugs that patients will not be able to buy themselves, as the cost of a bottle of the drug is 200 thousand to 500 thousand rubles.

"Today, in the structure of morbidity, disability and mortality in cancer taking pride of place. This requires the need for organizational and personnel work, equipping health facilities. Opening of the new center will allow early diagnosis, timely and effective treatment of cancer", — quoted by the press service of the head of the organization of medical care district health department Mikhail Savchenko. 

"Before, we used to send all patients outside the county. Treatment cost was very high. Today, there are experts in the region, the necessary equipment, medications, and some experience in the treatment of cancer. As a result, the survival rate among patients with advanced-stage disease is more than five years, it is quite highest ", — Mikhail Savchenko said.

In addition, the Yamal specialists are trained and also invited doctors from other regions of Russia.

Oncology Center is located in a former eye department Salekhard District Hospital, and for patients with vision problems open day organized by the hospital and out-patient treatment. Thus, all patients in need of hospitalization, medical care will be provided in a hospital. In the near future, will also be open intermunicipal cancer branches in other cities of the region.

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