In Yamal gas pipeline docked

"LUKOIL-Western Siberia" (100 -% subsidiary of OAO "LUKOIL") has completed the construction of the gas pipeline, stretching nearly 160 kilometers from Nakhodkinsoye to Khalmerpayutinskoye.

At the zero kilometer pipeline "Khalmerpayutinskoye field — Pyakyakhinskoye field" docked with the pipeline JSC "Vankorneft."

Pipelines form a single hydrocarbon transportation system which connected the two regions of Russia — Krasnoyarsk Territory and the Yamal-Nenets Autonomous District.

Construction was carried out in accordance with industry and international standards and environmental regulations. We used a pipe with a diameter of 1,020 mm waterproofing and 1220 mm. The main gas pipeline laid under the ground, to secure the pipes used prigruzami different types. In order to preserve the tundra ecosystem and prevent the melting of permafrost gas for the pipeline will go with a temperature above zero degrees Celsius.

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