In Yamal started to build a bridge across the river Pyaku-Pur

In the Yamal-Nenets Autonomous District, the construction of a bridge over Pyaku-Pur Pur in the area. April 6 at the entrance to the city Tarko-was filled with the first pile of the bridge. Subject to the timing of the construction works, to pass on the new bridge can be had in late 2013 — early 2014.

The need for the construction of the bridge due to the high volume of traffic at the site — a day passes here more 6000 cars. Now, the future construction works floating bridge. Difficulties in its operation associated with the temporary cessation of movement in connection with the annual pass slush on the river in the spring and autumn in the off-season. During a traffic stop on the floating bridge has to go around the area by road Tarko Sale — purpe Tarasovskiy through the village, and this way much longer.
The project envisages the construction of facilities for technological platforms, construction of poles, installation of the superstructure, construction of approaches to the bridge embankment outside of technological platforms and demolition of the existing floating bridge.

The length of the new bridge with approaches — nearly 4 kilometers, the width of the roadway — 7 meters, the width of the bridge — 10 meters.

In developing the project for the future of the bridge was considered possible damage that may be caused to fisheries. After the construction is expected stocking rivers young peled. Experts plan to release in Pyaku-Pur about a million copies of this valuable fish.

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