INDIA implemented successful vertical launch cruise missile «BrahMos»

INDIA implemented successful vertical launch cruise missile
The Indian side on Wednesday completed a successful vertical launch version of underwater supersonic cruise missile «BrahMos», said the joint Russian-Indian company BrahMos Aerospace.
«Version cruise missile» BrahMos » submarine was successfully launched at 14.10 local time (13.10 MSK) on Wednesday, March 20, with an underwater platform in the Bay of Bengal near the town of Vishakhapatnam, «- said in a statement. According disk imaging BrahMos Aerospace, is the first vertical launch cruise missiles from under water.
The company noted that after the launch of a rocket headed for the conditional target. Rocket flight was controlled by remote tracking devices placed on surface ships of the Indian Navy. According to the BrahMos Aerospace, missile «BrahMos» one hundred percent ready for them to equip the Indian class submarine P75 (I).
PJ-10 «BrahMos» (PJ-10 «BrahMos») — supersonic anti-ship missile, developed with JSC «MIC» NPO Engineering » and by the defense research and development (DRDO) Ministry of Defence of India. «BrahMos» began to flow into the armed forces of India in 2005. Missile’s range is 290 km, it can carry a warhead of up to 300 kg.

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