India: The little girl, weeping stones, need help




Girl, weeping stones — sounds like a character Marquez novel. However, according to reports from the eastern Indian state of Jharkhand, this story has become a reality. 15-year-old girl named Savitri was hospitalized after being found out that out of the corners of her eyes with tears out small particulates. The pebbles are also distinguished from her ears, nose and mouth.

Doctors baffled, and although they have a hypothesis on this, any treatment they can not offer. Meanwhile, according to The Independent, a girl feels truly terrible headaches. The inhabitants of the village where the girl lived, there are two very logical explanation: Savitri or the devil incarnate, or — the incarnation of the deity.

However, the doctor Rago Saran, who is trying to help Savitri has more mundane theory. "There are times when the stones stand out from the nose and ears of some people. However, this is the first time that I speak of the stones from the eye. Stones are formed due to the high content of calcium in the body, but usually they are deposited in the bladder and kidneys." But he still does not know how to help the girl.

While interest in her case show reporters flooded the Institute of Medical Sciences in Radzhedra, not doctors.

Battery News, 20.10.2004 10:16

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