Indian fishermen are concerned oddities in the Arabian Sea

India. Kerala. The last few days the sea comes horrendous, fetid odor. Residents are concerned about, because for many of them, the sea, the only source of livelihood.

Scientists make soothing statements, but to explain the nature, this anomaly can not. It has been suggested that the blame — the decaying algae, which died due to the influx of fresh water from the rivers flowing into the Arabian Sea, but these data are not confirmed and refuted by other scientists.

Most professionals make the assumption that the reason lies in the increased seismic activity in the region and this in turn may be a harbinger of more serious disaster than a bad smell from the water.

Dr. Pattazhi, president of the Research Institute, said — "Why reduce salinity bear is actually the case, will only affect the algae, not fish and other marine organisms?".

He is confident that the reason — seismic processes in the deep sea.

Of Kerala stretches along the southwest coast of India about 550 km long and 120 km wide at its widest point.

Comment: Hydrogen sulfide is apparently of the faults in the seabed.

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