Information War

Recent months on Russian TV channels, a number of scenes with harsh criticism of Alexander Lukashenko. July 4, NTV showed the film "The Godfather." In the film, the name of Alexander Lukashenko, among other things, due to the disappearance of his political spobornikov in Belarus. In the credits before the film was reported that the film was made a year ago, but the Belarusian security services detained the crew and confiscated the tape. However, "in Minsk there are people who managed to find them in a safe KGB" and return NTV.


Download full movie (652 MB) here.

July 16 NTV showed the second part of "The Godfather." Much of the film — a repetition of the first "Godfather". However, there are some additional scenes, and some of the scenes of the first movie got a sequel.


Reactions to the films:

"Now in Moscow Scripted pushing to change the government of Belarus"

"The Godfather" was late for 10 years

El Pais: "The Kremlin has humiliated the president of Belarus"

Liabedzka Movie NTV: "The grenade into the trench of the Belarusian authorities"

BRYU against NTV — the people against the Belarusian Republican Youth Union

"The Godfather 2" is designed for one audience — on Lukashenko "

White-headed Duck yes Grisha. Godfather

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