International meeting of guardians of their native culture and the ancient tradition of the Cape Tarh

Dear friends!

Today, we invite all keepers of native culture and the ancient tradition of the Crimea to the Cape Tarh. From 9 to 13 September in a lovely resort "Sun Valley" held our International Rally.

In May 2011, there was a spiritual gathering of the "Solar Valley" ("Dawn of the Vedas at Cape Tarh"). Rich creative program akin to people, and it was jointly decided — good work to continue and develop.
Every man is a piece of my heart in Gornji Light that is heard in the space of one and only vibration that make up the harmony of life. We offer generic knowledge fold lines into a single Book of Life, without the top anyone's personal name as a title.
We hope that our motto will resonate in the heart of every sane person, leading a healthy lifestyle and keep the tribal foundations and traditions.
FORCE — family!

Our gathering is intended to unite the participants on the basis of culture, avoiding the religious, political and commercial interests.
International meeting of guardians of their native culture and ancient traditions held during the Indian summer in the Crimea, Tarkhankut reserve resort "Sun Valley" (Crimea, Cape Tarkhankut Olenevka) from 9 to 13 September.
The Magic Castle on the banks of the sparkling warm sea, the atmosphere of peace, harmony and love, unity of aspirations — that's what awaits us in the beautiful Tauride, has always been a crossroads of spiritual and cultural ways of humanity.
The Programme gathering workshops and master classes, concerts, dances, Slavic health practices and yoga Vechorko, round tables, Slavic martial arts, rituals and festive events, activities for children.

Our committee is headed by:

— Vedic Culture Club "Yarga" (Sevastopol);
— Healing system "Belojar";
— Club ancient ratoborstv "Ruyev" (Stary Oskol);
— Center of ancient Slavic culture "Suryanitsa" (Mozhaev).
We have already supported:

— Head ethnocultural center "Kolosvetov", Academician of the European Academy of Natural Sciences, Peace Ambassador Toropova Olga;
— Ritual Choir "Suravarg";
— Singer Veleslava;
— Collector and curator of the folk tradition, leading vechorok Ataman Naumych (Alexander supporter);
— Author of the book "The Treasure of Russian ornament" Dobrosława (Marina Kachaeva);
— Healer, author of unique wellness techniques Oleoresins (Olga P. Jordan);
— Artist Divooka (Tatyana Vasilyeva);
— Singer and musician Belov (Alex Sidoruk).

Details on the

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