Investigators determined the location of the forest fire in Colorado

The investigators found a place in which to launch a major in the history of the U.S. state of Colorado wildfire that killed two people and destroyed about 350 homes, but the cause of fire is still not solved, reports Reuters.

According to representatives of the fire service, to date, the fire caused 12 days ago, is localized to 90%. It is expected that meteorologists predicted rain finally help cope with the flame.

"The reason (fire) is not installed" — leads the agency the words Jeff Kramer (Jeff Kramer), police lieutenant of the fire-affected El Paso County. Cramer added that he could not disclose information about the place where the fire broke out, as the investigation is still pending.

In total, the fire covered an area of 72 square kilometers. Because of the rampant disaster authorities of the city of Colorado Springs had to evacuate more than 32 thousand people. To date, almost all of them are allowed to return to their homes, or what remains of them.

Currently, several dozen wildfires raging in several U.S. states. Contributes to the rapid spread of the fire is hot, dry and windy weather.

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